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And Alice is not the typical powder-blue-dressed blonde. In fact, the diversity of the characters really made me love this book. And not only does this Alice stand out, she also has a heart-wrenching background that almost brought tears to my eyes. But this is a romance novel through and through, so who wants to hear about the characters? You guys want to know how steamy this book is, right? Hatter—The Mad Hatter—is hot. Hatter and Alice together are explosive in the Wonderland-esque sense. What they have is deeper than just a passionate hook-up.

Sure, all of this love business happens in the span of only a few days, but it works with the concept of soulmates that the book works off of. Is it cheesy? Did I expect anything less? Not really. This novel is ideal for a quick fantastical romance. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Toggle navigation. Like this: Like Loading Book dragons love comments! Instead of turning into a plus that Alice is Asian, I quickly found myself thinking that Hall should have stuck with a white woman. It's not okay to refer to an Asian woman as a "delicate China doll" repeatedly.

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It's racist as fuck. It is further reified by the fact that Alice's grandmother, who was also sent to Wonderland to be with the MadHatter was the exact opposite read: dragonlady.

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Naturally, it was Alice's grandmother who broke the MadHatters heart. Alice and the Madhatter almost don't become a couple, even though she strives to show that she isn't a shrew like her grandmother because Alice dares to ask him to come back to her world with her, so that she can let her family know that she's safe.

Review: Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

How dare Alice not be willing to drop her friends, family, business and life and run away to Wonderland to be with the Madhatter after knowing him for a total of three days. A good submissive Alice should be willing to throw everything away for the love of her man. It turns out that the Hatter cannot leave Wonderland because his true age would catch up to him but he doesn't bother to explain any of that to Alice, he simply stalks away to wallow in manpain.

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Alice's job is to save the Madhatter. Love as a cure for mental illness is beyond problematic. It's only through experiencing love that the Madhatter can regulate his magic and control the degree to which it runs amok in Wonderland.

Her Mad Hatter

The Hatter is amazed by the fact that Alice isn't afraid of him. It suggests that there's reason for people who are neurologically typical people to be afraid of those who aren't. The fact that he's had to go through so many women in order to find the perfect submissive to help deal with his mental illness suggests that those who have some kind of mental illness, are at their heart unlovable. No, Nope. Noppity No No. Alice could have been the companion to enjoy his wild life and even more inventive imagination but instead she's basically human prozac or lithium if you prefer.

The very idea that people don't need treatment and just need love belies the seriousness of living with a mental illness. I really wanted to like this book.

I started out loving Dannika and her take on why these badboy fairy tale characters would need fairy godmothers. It all turned sour so quickly that I found myself overwhelmed with the complete awfulness of this story. We learned the Madhatter fell into Wonderland after his mother died, but we don't know why Wonderland decided to accept the Hatter as its ruler.

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In this version, the Hatter isn't a character, he is a caricature and made that much more awful for it. Then there's Hall's habit of constantly quoting Poe. Look, I think that the Raven is brilliant but quoting it does not make up for having no discernible plot beyond the Hatter is going even more mad and needs his true love to fix him.

Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1) Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1)
Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1) Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1)
Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1) Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1)
Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1) Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1)
Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1) Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1)
Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1) Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1)
Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1) Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series Book 1)

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