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Technology University School of Law. Books Columbia Law School. She presented encouraged the further spread of Last July, Bagley taught in the George the same paper at the last annual insurance. Lillian BeVier services. The IOM report Law. General under the Master Settlement — Bollinger and Grutter v. Dartmouth, Mass. In Old Greenwich, Conn. He is visiting the of potential strategies for future civil Effects of Anti-Affirmative Action University of Pittsburgh in April rights advocates.

Voter Initiatives. City of Brandon Columbia Law Review. He and the Law Rights Stories of race in the presidential election. See full story at www. In working with the Polish revisors, Howard will also build upon the work he did with constitution makers in Central and Eastern Europe after the collapse of communism in Dick Howard among the greatest and most presented at a spring confer- influential Virginians of the 20th century.

Brent Tarter, a historian and editor with the Library of Virginia. At the Supreme emerging democracies around the globe about how to write their own constitutions. Hill Sr. In that lecture, Howard of the 20th century, while former U. Byrd Sr. George C. Supreme Court. The case is now on Court from the liberal activist days the founding period of American appeal to the Fourth Circuit Court of of the Warren Court to the more constitutionalism. Establishment Clause jurisprudence, as revolutionary France. Black lecture at the University Unitarian Church in Charlottesville of separation toward a more relaxed of Alabama.

Policy in the and government. A generous donor, David Program Washington, D. Hurwitz, who Rubenstein, purchased the copy of Director, wrote teaches the clinic, testified before the Magna Carta now on display at the with Commission on a report assembled Archives — the only copy of the International by the Robert F. He also partici- Doug Leslie non-discrimination in Guatemala, pated in the investiture of S. Finally, in April, aid on his three semesters of work by 14 Virginia he debated Professor Rick Sander website, www.

Law on the efficacy of MasteringCon- affirmative action in legal education tracts. Elizabeth Brown v. Court of Appeals for the s. She presented a revised version A Reply in Favor of Context. Each conference will be Answer. Still, it is good to see excellence honored and dedication the Michigan Law Review. The piece appreciated from across the University.

One of the many The Possibility of Good Regulatory wonderful things about Virginia, and one of the things that sets us apart from many Government. President procedure, constitutional law, and statutory interpretation. In , his article on Casteen announced in February that federal preemption of state law won the Scholarly Papers Competition of the he had appointed Paul Mahoney Association of American Law Schools. In , he received the Paul M. July 1. Louis opportunity to learn from him. This award is really the perfect tribute to his incredible University and dedication to the Law School.

Rip Verkerke, John C. Abraham, Anne M. Coughlin, Paul G. Mahoney, Michael J. Klarman, and at McGeorge Pamela S. School of Law. Two papers co-authored by Mitchell were published this spring. This article examines the legal implications of psychological reactions to near miss experiences, such as occur in many bargaining and tort situations. Stewart Baker, Prof. This and Prof. Robert Chesney forthcom- of Law. His talk was the New York Times subject of a paper he co-authored columnist putting together a book on terrorism with Patricia Born, Ph.

Chapter contributors Law Review.

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Graham, Maj. Admissions power to eliminate the consequences Council. In February, the one of which has been published and different purpose by writers such as Harvard University Press published the other two of which are Adam Smith. Corporate Power and the University. Wisconsin Right to regulate private activity.

Unlike Summit on the University and to Life, Inc. An essay on the Civil prepared by Justice Bradley shows tional two years, through During the McCrary. An article about school term as and legal policy. Ryan has also written a Law School. Lastly, International Law in Domestic Courts tise. Verkerke will be talking about Ryan wrote a commentary about Interest Group of the American at-will employment.

The purpose of college and university presidents and Society of International Law. Missouri v. Schragger also implementation of international Law School. A version of that address, presented the paper at the Law School humanitarian law. The former president of Yale University. But as the law has become more central to our personal and national lives, it seems more necessary than ever to connect the academy to the larger world.

The best work being done at Virginia and at other top schools examines the consequences of legal rules in a way that invites understanding — and, when appropriate, change. Mahoney scholarship are very much alike. They both require a broad view of the problem combined with a ceaseless curiosity in 30 J.

Legal Stud. Paul Mahoney is a pioneer in the use of empirical meth- Commentators have tended to [take] at face value that the ods in legal scholarship. Less well reforms of the s challenge conventional wisdom about understood is that the Securities Act is equally a secrecy the nature of the securities markets of the s and the statute.

It forbids most public disclosure of pending effects of the statutory reforms. His combination of law and offerings prior to the fi ling of a registration statement with empirical finance is part of a new wave in corporate and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The statute securities law scholarship. While traditionally described as mere effects of the first federal securities statute. This, he concludes, was the key to understanding best understood as means of eliminating several specific why high-prestige investment banks favored the statute.

By the late s, investment bankers realized that the viability of the syndicate system was threatened. Established bankers described the phenomenon as a Paul Mahoney decline in the professionalism of the investment banking business. Like lawyers or doctors today, many investment bankers of the s viewed themselves as members of syndicated selling effort — that each seller complied with a learned profession, the standards of which were being contractual restraints on price, timing, and sometimes eroded by new entrants who were mere salesmen.

A territory. The not complied. These period, and selling at discounted prices …. Under the normal underwriting the syndicates. To beat the gun was to violate obligated to wait. Beating the gun allowed one distributor to get a head The IBAA Subcommittee on Distribution concluded that the root of the problem was excessive preoffering publicity …. The chairman of the subcommittee spoke start on the others in the competition for retail custom- approvingly of issuing houses that kept a tight lid on ers.

The prohibition on newspaper publicity was achieve. No longer every one of you men at the same time, and what they would detailed information about pending offerings want is someone to tell them a practical way, someone to appear in the morning papers prior to the offering date, also try and keep publicity out of the paper. In reforms addressed the specific competitive concerns out- particular, its disclosure requirements forced the promot- lined above.

They had, in broad terms, three effects. Its it into distinct wholesale and retail phases. Finally , they starting point for solving the problem was the same as that removed commercial banks as competitors for underwrit- developed in the Companies Act in England — mandatory ing business. It prohibited and sold them through stand-alone distributors.

It also effectively divided offerings into wholesale and retail Committee on Business Problems wanted to achieve but periods. These features helped leading wholesale and retail could not — it made it possible for a lead underwriter to firms enforce restrictions on retail competition that were provide distributing houses with detailed information central to the syndicate system of underwriting, thus about a pending issue secure in the knowledge that the protecting their market against incursions from integrated latter could not agree to sell securities until the official firms.

None of these things was necessary in order to offering date. The act also assured the absence of retail achieve the simple goal of requiring full disclosure. They solicitation prior to the offering date by suppressing benefited investment banks, particularly high-prestige preoffering publicity. The Securities Act accordingly provides a useful sell the securities ….

Before the registration statement cautionary tale about the efficacy of economic regulation. The act is generally regarded as one of the greatest success Securities lawyers today still counsel their clients against stories of the New Deal. Yet a closer look at the statute, in antedates the Securities Act. He has authored 30 novels, the in the U. Bottomley is completely retired but non-profit organization affi liated with the keeps busy with various projects.

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University of Virginia. December 11 at the age of Senate when high school for five years in Stafford his way from Homosassa, Fla. County, Virginia, and practiced law Law Class reunion he had never missed for 23 years in Fredericksburg before one when a truck in front of him dropped retiring in She had been a marriage some debris which he could not avoid. Scott Brodie has retired as a senior vice president and trust officer from Bank of America.

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Reunion Year Senior U. District Judge James C. Paine Reunion Year retired from the federal bench in June U. Senator John W. Warner is the at the age of Last year, University of Virginia community. The in West Palm Beach, Fla. Judge Paine, a former partner at Jones, medal is given to recognize achievements Tell us the important things that happen in your life! We welcome submissions for inclusion in Class Notes.

Online, submit them at www. Please send your submissions by September 1 for inclusion in the next issue. After graduating from law in America list for Somerville, N. He subsequently practiced with Lawyers Weekly. He is C. He served where his practice areas include Distinguished Teaching Professorship. Coliseum and Auditorium. In later years, William T. Wilson has received two Yawn also served in as a staff attorney in honors in the past year. He was named Juvenile Court. Wilson was also J. Class of In January , Handler became Stuart Falk has been appointed sales in America for family law continuously president, chief operating officer, and manager of Cruise Critic www.

He was again selected as a board member of bio-tech development CruiseCritic. Handler Traveler www. I always was a contrarian. His role model Since moving to education at Yale had been William Sloan Coffin, the activist university law in , Winter has chaplain. It was during his first year of law school that has been very successful in reducing school suspensions, that Winter accepted a summer job with the LAF to which he expulsions, and incidents of school violence.

Winter, who last biography of Richard T. Taking after his children, no fault of their own, but still had amazing talents. He also noted that he is especially pround of the supervising attorney with the LAF for so long. Winter has Miller Center for Public Affairs; and Peter Grannis, progressive successfully fought against the use of zero tolerance discipline New York Assemblyman from Manhattan for over 30 years programs by school systems, noting that expulsions increase and currently Commisioner of the New York Department of the chances of a student dropping out of school altogether and Environmental Conservation.

Partnership for Women and Families. Alan J. Mogol has been named to Contact Helen M. Herrmann Maryland Super Lawyers for in the was selected as a area of banking law. Mogol practices at charter member of the Ober Kaler in Baltimore, Md. American College of Environmental Ronald R. Tweel, who practices with W. In addition to holding across the United States. Finger in the Wilmington, Del.

Baranowski Elite for in the Santa Monica in and continues to was recently selected Hall of Fame- conduct a state and local tax consulting for inclusion in Best environmental practice, write for State Tax Notes Lawyers in America category. He has been in Greensboro, N. He is a Fred T. He in intellectual property law, specializing Lawyer for by was admitted to the California bar in in patents.

Miller surety. He is with Parker Poe in the Charlotte, N. Buc has been elected chair of member of the Polk County Budget Politics and Cincinnati the board of directors of the Food and Oversight Committee; member of the Magazine as an Ohio Drug Law Institute, the leading non-profit Polk County Water Advisory Committee; Super Lawyer for association of food and drug attorneys adjunct professor of government at He was also and manufacturers.

Shack Shackelford January that he will not seek another His cases include complex business continues his general practice of law term. He has served 29 years in office. Kennedy was Arizona Super and product liability cases for a wide of his partners is Frank Thomas. Over the variety of products, including trucks, tires, snowmobiles, motorcycles, bucket Jay Waldron was included on the course of three years and three total knee lifts, and recreational vehicles.

He practices board and member board of directors, Robert H. Walsh practices political law department, working out of regulatory matters and practices in the in New York City. Martin has Edward W. Wellman, Lawyers list for He is a partner with been included in Best Jr. He is with Carolina Super Lawyer employment matters. He is on commercial litigation. Louis office, where he is Lawyers in America in the category co-leader of the of energy law.

He is with Spilman Thomas Glenn R. Deputy Solicitor General Edwin S. This is your th case before the Supreme Court? Yes, I will be arguing my th case in the Supreme Court on March The case is Republic of the Philippines v. Pimentel, Sup. The case involves competing claims, by the Republic of the Philippines and by a class of victims of human rights abuses during the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos, to assets in a securities account in the United States set up by Marcos in the early s.

What was your first case before the Supreme Court? The first case I argued was United States v. Bailey, U. Answer questions directly. Have , which involved the elements of the defense of duress or a command of the procedural history of the case, because necessity to the federal crime of escape from prison. Has arguing before the Court changed case are not procedural ones. Do several moot courts, with appeal often come up even when the principal issues in the since your first case? When I first began in the Office, an attorney would typically be allowed a fair amount Finally, would you recommend a career in public service to of uninterrupted time at the outset to introduce the case, and current and future UVA Law grads?

My entire legal career, after serving for a year as a law clerk for Judge Browning on the Ninth Circuit, has been in arguments in full. Now, questions from the Bench begin almost the Department of Justice. It has been fulfilling throughout — from the outset of a case and continue — often intensively — representing as best I can the interests of the United States, as throughout, so it is often necessary for a lawyer to weave in the expressed through the elected representatives of the people. I principal points in answers to questions. Not by a long shot. There are reports that in the 19th Century, Daniel Webster argued depending on the source between and cases, and that Walter Jones argued cases.

In positions are well grounded and the product of full and open internal deliberations, and to strive for excellence in advocacy. Those responsibilities are also the greatest rewards.

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On a professional level, government attorneys typically are accorded a considerable amount of responsibility early on and the 20th Century, former Deputy Solicitor General Lawrence a chance to develop expertise and to make a real contribution. Wallace argued times, John W. Davis times, and Erwin On a personal level, I have experienced from the outset of Griswold times. It has, in short, been a privilege — and great fun! Be yourself, speaking in a straightforward manner, While my own career in the Department of Justice has been respectfully but with confidence in your position.

Identify in mostly in the Office of the Solicitor General, there are terrific advance the three or so points that you feel as though you career opportunities throughout the Department and in other must make no matter what; if you do not get to make them departments and agencies as well. Broadbent, by clients from Fortune companies. Julian D. A partner with Smith its annual survey as Anderson in the Raleigh, N.

He is in wide range of health care-related clients. Broadbent practices the Cincinnati office business, intellectual property, of Vorys, Sater, Stephen W. He James Hingeley was presented with the Douglas S. He is with many years of advocacy, culminating John A. Lawyers in America James L. Hamilton Whitman was recognized Weekend Edition Sunday. Whitman was also named a Super Braden R. Allenby recently gave a talk Lawyer by Maryland Super Lawyers.

He is listed in Contact Helen M. Haggerty James M. Finn was included on the Roy L. He was also and focuses on real estate law. He is He is a partner the American College of Trial Lawyers. University of Miami and his younger son, the Charlotte, N. Joseph W. Ryan, Jr. Brenner has was recently named Lewis E. Hassett and joined Pepper one of the Best Robert H. Hassett litigation. Magazine as an Ohio Super Lawyer for Judge of the Maricopa County Superior D. Donald Switzer was selected for the Ohio Super Lawyers list for medical His concentration is malpractice defense, an honor awarded to Michael K.

Kuhn was in energy regulation, contracts, securities, the top five percent of Ohio attorneys. He is a organization founded by law students in partner in the areas of to work on behalf of underserved appointed president and a member of transactions and real estate with Jackson causes and communities. Holmes is the board of directors of the Institute Walker in the Houston office. He lives in Washington, for Defense and Business, a non-profit research and education institute affi liated David L. Kyger has D.

The Institute been included in the reporter for the Washington Post. They organizes and delivers educational list of Best Lawyers in have two daughters. During America Iurino leading global public relations and public Development Company, a commercial as Outstanding Pro affairs firm. Baer will serve as chairman real estate developer in Colorado and four Bono Attorney of the of Penn, Schoen and Berland and vice other states.

Month in December. He will Iurino is a partner be based in Washington, D. The award David P. Herlihy has been included the concept of hosting a weekly Internet the Roanoke, Va. The show recently received the in America Blair Wimbush has been named vice She has also served as co-chair of the live every Thursday at 2 pm ET on www. Mulford practices and employment law. He will lead Blaine A. Lucas was selected for inclusion Fairfax Virginia offices.

He is with Babst, Calland, mulfordmediation. Wimbush Clements and Zomnir, where he is a joined Norfolk Southern in and has shareholder in the public sector services Julie A. She is a partner including senior general counsel. He was Pittsburgh office. James S. He is managing partner with He is also Don Baer has been appointed to a Jones Walker in New Orleans, where he among Best Lawyers in senior-level role for two organizations: practices in the areas of business and America in the Penn, Schoen and Berland, a market corporate law. Ebooks and Manuals

The new medical technology. Hull is a founding member of with longevity risks. Griffi n III January. The firm is primarily engaged to school, and obtained a B. She has set out among the Legal Elite business representation, transactional on her second career, teaching high in environmental law work, employment matters, real estate, school math.

Hull was recently engaged and plans Griffi n was also to be married this spring. Campanelli has been Politics magazine. He is senior James R. He is also Robert Latham has Control and Prevention, and the Agency beginning his ninth year as a member been named to the for Healthcare Research and Quality. Hart is a partner with Hart list for His practice emphasizes Southern Environmental Law Center construction and real property litigation. He chairs both practice areas at the firm. Lawyers in America Mark Davidson was in maritime law. He is a America in education law. Father and son started the new Security.

Gates, which has 1, lawyers on three economic sanctions litigation. She is continents. Bill writes that he and Frankie still married to Tracy Rickett. Their are good! Their daughter, product liability litigation. Green is a Chadae, is a chef in D. Elite for in the area of antitrust and Mike Hubbard has bankruptcy. Osborn resigned his position rigorous training in Virginia.

Her oldest son, Ben Halsey, as executive vice president, general program on is a veterinarian in Lynchburg. The program covers topics in high school. She has one grandson, company. Osborn joined Cephalon in security management practices. Hubbard James E. He is a partner He has accepted an appointment Raleigh, N. Donovan and will be associated with Wadham Michael J. Lockerby in the International spoke at a Rutgers College Oxford.

A partner in the Washington, D. Bush to the Chambers USA. He benefits. She is with Christopher B. She also serves on developments, parks, office buildings, and disputes, patent litigation, and consumer the board of Group Health Cooperative retail centers. She was named in Best class actions. In January, she practices in the areas of commercial as a principal attorney at Groom Law was listed in Best Lawyers by Business litigation, commercial bankruptcy, Group in Washington, D.

Keith and his an attorney-advisor in the Office wife, Tammy, have been married for 27 of Benefits Tax Counsel at the U. Elizabeth Stewart is a partner in the years and have three sons: Adam 21 , Department of Treasury. She lives outside of legislation, and regulations relating to New Haven with her husband, Joe employee benefits taxation. Pignatello and her son, Connor Pignatello. Martin was named a co-head for Jeffrey K. He is a partner with Washington, D. Boyle has Naperville, Ill. Tim Kaine. Lacy Association. Her term and Katie, live in Westport. Goodwyn became first African- begins in June.

Prior was Chesapeake in when he joined the treasurer, as a member of the Board of named among the Best general district court and was elevated to Governors, and as chair of several Lawyers in America the circuit court in He is married committees. She received the LSBA Boyle was also Porter Wright Morris practices in Norfolk. Presidential Award in Long was involved Mark Mellon is pleased to announce that Orleans Bar Association in , where in private equity throughout his year his Western novel, The Pirooters, has been she was the first African-American to career at Bank of America, including published by Treble Heart Books.

Prior to her presidency, as founder of the strategic investments short fiction has previously appeared in she served on the NOBA Board in various group and co-founder of Bank of a number of magazines, but this is his capacities. Despite this literary success, Mark service in the exercise of the highest ideals capital markets businesses.

Boyle practices in the areas reunion at the last minute, but had a of labor and employment law, civil rights, good UVA excuse. Spent that weekend constitutional law, commercial litigation, convincing another UVA grad, Tim and general litigation. Falwell, Jr. Munson recently commissioned a brother, Jonathan, have stepped forward to County, Va. Keith employment law.

She has twin daughters who Universities Centers of Excellence review Conversus, the largest are Keith is a partner with Womble Carlyle and invites everyone to South publicly traded portfolio of third- Neil V. McKittrick has been named Carolina to visit him, Suzanne, and their party private equity co-chair of the Labor Law Committee of three daughters.

Long is responsible for employment section. The Labor Law the overall strategic direction of Conversus Committee is composed of lawyers for and is a member of the Investment management, unions, and individuals, Committee and Board of Managers. He lives in educational programs. McKittrick Milton, Mass. Cook was presented with the science on matters related to national Keith H. They also provide counsel on selected for inclusion Founders Award.

The award is presented sensitive issues including compliance and in Best Lawyers in to a Michigan lawyer for exemplary legal liability. Mullen, who joined the fi rm America in contribution to the profession and the in , is a partner in the government environmental law. Marcia practice group. She is serving a four-year term on Beach has been elected to a one year term the Middletown City Schools Board of Sharon Aizer serves full-time as an as chair-elect of the railroad law section Education.

Sharon serves in the courtroom railroad section in The railroad law His practice focuses on class actions, and as the office appellate attorney. He is married employment discrimination class actions, Pat Summitt. Sharon lives near Knoxville with three children.

I Memoirs, has recently been published thought it was my worst interview of the day. He thought otherwise and personally recruited me to work for him and in paperback, and his next book, The John Guynn is a partner at Workman shepherded my career. He has been married the world. Chaplick is partner of the newly formed national security four children. The event took place in the grand ballroom of the Yale Club. Donor Recognition event was held in the Senate Building in November. Min, a torts, and products liability. He was Joshua H. Department been elected to the , and also a Virginia Super Lawyer of Justice, which focuses on antitrust office of overseas for Graves currently is president enforcement in the health care, insurance, president of the of the Virginia Association of Defense and retail sectors.

Before assuming his International Attorneys, a statewide organization with current position, he was an attorney- Association of Korean a membership of more than lawyers. He resides in Chesterfield, Va. Snyder and his wife, my name. Lacy LL. She was 8 , and John Charles 6. Justice resides in Washington, D. She and her are the proud parents of a daughter, Trade Group, an ad sales division of husband, Gary, have two sons, Christian Courtney 12 , and a son, Bryson 7. Bob Turner Broadcasting System. She has been 6 and Daniel 3. Kellie lives in Atlanta with Ted Mathas has been named chief and volunteer activities.

Contact Helen M. Wolters potential irregularities that they do find venture in China, and on the board of the co-authored an article in hopes of lenience. The man behind the American Council of Life Insurers. He is California Gov. She has been an Alameda County Corporation August principal policy responsibilities relating deputy district attorney since His International Business Transactions.

Those practice focuses on corporate who know him say that there is one way Brent M. Mendelsohn himself is quick to point among the Legal of directors, and board committees. Harmeet was recently will need free airwaves from the U. Jennifer is bono civil rights work. She lives on the currently on a several-year hiatus from crooked block of Lombard Street. He is also chosen as among the commercial litigation. Gunter, Lois Casaleggi and her husband, David, Jr. William Morrison, et al. He and his welcomed their fi rst child, Alexander wife have a 3-year-old daughter, Ella.

James, in September. Hays has started a second career as a Robert J. Schmidt, Jr. He recently fi nished was selected for inclusion in Best Mike Girard is currently serving as his third one-man show at the Art One Lawyers in America managing partner of Klarquist Sparkman, Gallery in Scottsdale, Ariz. His artwork in environmental a full-service intellectual property fi rm may be seen at www.

He is a partner with offices in Portland, Ore. He represents Good Morning America. Aidan 3 and Gracie 9 months. Clara 3. Julia continues to clerk for Judge Michael D. Hawkins LL. Attorney for the District of Arizona. Sturgell has been nominated to Alamos National Laboratory.

The former Navy York office of Phillips Nizer as a partner Alex, a weapons physicist, and their two fighter pilot flew commercial jetliners, in the corporate law department. He children, Maricela 7 and Antonio 2. He leads the 43, new and growth companies. Dagny 10 months. From there he shuttles programs and modernization efforts. Ray also continues to serve as general counsel of NGP.

He lives back and forth to Hong Kong, Macau, and Manila. He lives son, Donovan 4. Department of Justice computer crime and intellectual property section, where he prosecutes large-scale, multijurisdictional intellectual property crimes and coordinates domestic and international intellectual property enforcement training and outreach. Lam, et representation of a hospital regarding Mark Vacha was promoted to partner al. He was on patient visitation issues and access to Philadelphia in His area of practice formerly a trial attorney with the Justice medical records; and representation of a is public fi nance.

Gonzales, RIAA v. MGM Studios. Burton terminal illnesses. He argues for the Phoenix and practiced in the areas of has been included fundamental right for a patient to have healthcare, mergers and acquisitions, in the list of Best access to drugs still in development. The securities law and corporate counseling, Lawyers in America FDA currently denies access to drugs until representing clients of all sizes. She is with they have passed at least three clinical Smith Moore in the trials that prove their safety and efficacy, Eric Perkins, a principal with the and that process takes years.

Richmond, Va. What if during all of this you were a Police Officer doing your job? Would you arrest people? Maybe you would play the game with them? These are the type of questions Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. Kiefer, who was a man in trouble. He needed help finding work to support himself and his family. He eventually was so deep in problems that he approached a close friend and set up a meeting, with a dealer, to inquire about work. That meeting introduced him to a world that would change his life forever. Armando Kiefer worked his way up the illicit Methamphetamine ladder to the top.

He became the major importer of Meth in the United States. Product Details About the Author.

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About the Author Ernie Lijoi Sr. Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr.

Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. King Englewood is dead. Logan Lassain, the Protector of Ter Chadain, has cleared the way Logan Lassain, the Protector of Ter Chadain, has cleared the way for his sister, Teah, to claim the throne as the rightful Queen of Ter Chadain and cast out the invading Caltorian forces. But Teah cannot View Product. Cobb's Landing.

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Providing refuge from the gangster wars of the Prohibition days, Cobb's Landing became a haven Providing refuge from the gangster wars of the Prohibition days, Cobb's Landing became a haven for the leaders of organized crime and a location where they were free to frolic and party. The wild and careless actions roused the town Crest of Eagles. A war rages in Rhodesia, a vital struggle for dominance in the Southern African country.

The sacred queen of a seven centuries earlier, who started a new religion for her people to follow, comes alive again as a modern day Leaving friends and loved ones behind and escaping the pogroms that raged across Russia and Leaving friends and loved ones behind and escaping the pogroms that raged across Russia and decimated the Jewish people by migrating to America, Havah, her husband Arel and a scant few surviving Jews find that bigotry and discrimination does not A love story of passion and desire;two hearts mature and come together asone.

Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1) Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1)
Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1) Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1)
Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1) Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1)
Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1) Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1)
Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1) Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1)
Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1) Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1)
Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1) Meth or Myth (Eddie Pannoni action thriller Book 1)

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