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The loft contains a perching bar and four nesting boxes set against a wall. Hens do not require the services of a rooster to produce eggs, though the unfertilized eggs laid by the Centanni hens will never hatch. The family collects two to four eggs on a typical day, and Olivia says they taste much better than store-bought eggs.

Hens have a tendency to become "broody," or driven by the instinct to lay eggs and to incubate, about once a month. On a recent afternoon, Vivian and Violet take position on the ramp, hoping to reach the nest boxes in the loft, but the door to the loft is closed. The broody hens would spend all day sitting in the boxes if allowed, Heather says. The phrase "pecking order," though often applied to humans, was coined to describe the social hierarchy of chickens.

In the Centannis' coop, Crow — the Ameraucana bird and the largest hen — is indisputably dominant. Olivia describes Violet as "crazy," Poppy as the friendliest of the bunch and Luna as "skittish.

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Of course, humans remain above chickens on the hierarchy of dominance, and Olivia readily snatches up one of the hens when the mood strikes her. Luna, nestled in her arms, soon flaps her wings in an attempt to escape. Lakeland family draws companionship and plenty of eggs from backyard chickens By Gary White. Heather Centanni, left, and her daughter, Olivia, 16, with some of their chickens at their home in Lakeland.

Olivia Centanni feeds the chickens. Olivia Centanni puts one of the chickens, Crow, in the loft of the chicken coop. The chicken coop. This is Poppy, a silkie. Crow is an Ameraucana chicken. Subscribe or Subscribe with Google for unlimited access. Subscribe or Subscribe with Google now. Right now we have Dempsey, she was injured at birth by another brood hen.

Then Dottie, our blue splash Marans.

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  • This one pictured is Opal, our little Aloha hen. Amelia, Beatrice, Lucy, Ethel, Mrs. Hughes, Ms. Speck, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose. He calls them his pack of raptors. And roosters are Drumstick and Mr. Can you tell I have kids? Ha Ha — Malissa Cline. Juan is in the front. The only one we can tell apart because of the light beak Also, Juan might be Juanita!


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    Started to hear quack sounds today. Turns out she is blind. I named her Tillie.

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    Olivia of the Chickens Olivia of the Chickens
    Olivia of the Chickens Olivia of the Chickens
    Olivia of the Chickens Olivia of the Chickens
    Olivia of the Chickens Olivia of the Chickens
    Olivia of the Chickens Olivia of the Chickens
    Olivia of the Chickens Olivia of the Chickens
    Olivia of the Chickens Olivia of the Chickens
    Olivia of the Chickens Olivia of the Chickens

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