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Quality journalism for high-quality ads 2. Succeeding in making readers subscribe and pay for value products 3. Premium content worth buying 4. Relying on live conferences and events 5. Investing across multiple channels 6. Offering the option to pay in Bitcoin for micropayments 8.

The role played by quality, however, is crucial especially when analyzed in the light of the tendency of the market to expand, creating less accurate content. There are methods of measuring the success of a post Upworthy is trying , the way news is distributed on social networks, and how it behaves on the basis of ever-changing algorithms like Facebook , trends which come and go, staying or not listicles, GIFs, catchy titles and young journalists who, periodically, try their luck alone the reference is obviously to Ezra Klein.

It is an optimism generally based on the idea of journalism as an essential profession, without taking into account the fact that its livelihood has always depended on heavy-duty advertising. Among the most cited models of recent years, the paywall continues to animate debate. This week, the Gannett group published its fourth quarter financial results. Joshua Benton of NiemanLab fears, however, that the contribution of the paywall — albeit temporarily beneficial — is not able to ensure a fair economic security in the future.

The hope of Gannett, according to Ryan Chittum of the Columbia Journalism Review , is evidently to capitalize as much as possible on paid content. In the meantime, the circulation of paper declines and an all digital strategy for the foreseeable future is being sought. Tim Franklin , the new president of the Poynter Institute, is more optimistic. He considers the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal paywalls as positive examples, a viable future for the industry. Franklin talks about a revolutionized landscape where in order to assert oneself unique and original content is needed and worth investing in the thesis of Andreessen , made more palatable by a strong brand.

In this sense, he unites the experience of the NYT the journalistic brand and the ambassador of the paywall system par excellence to that of Ezra Klein. Where are the boundaries and what are the risks? Daniele Chieffi journalist and author Luca Conti founder pandemia. With the drive for more content, aggregation reigns. But when are you aggregating too fast, too much or too close to the original story? Join a discussion on the art of ethical aggregation.

A consideration of the evolution of the first Italian generation of webdocs, with increasingly innovative use of cross-media languages. The example of Inside Carceri, the webdoc on Italian prisons produced by the freelance journalists of Next New Media, will be presented.

Recent Italian court judgments - including the case of Alessandro Sallusti, editor of the Italian daily Il Giornale sentenced to jail currently under appeal for defamation - have highlighted the importance of the issue of online libel and defamation. Recent changes in the law on this subject will be discussed, through an analysis of the proposed normative changes and other particular cases that with the advent of the internet appear to have found fertile ground to proliferate. What assessment can be made of recent progress? Have the old prejudices and stereotypes been overcome?

And to what degree does the way in which LGBT issues are treated in the media influence public opinion and political discourse? Cristiana Alicata activist and author Benjamin Cohen founder pinknews. Italia new frontiers of journalism and politics Italia was set up as a month-long experiment in analysing the first February national social-media-based election campaign. From the experiment emerged the ebook Social Winner on the importance of content curation and data journalism in an era characterised by an abundance of information and a scarsity of newspaper resources to make use of that information.

Making decisions in difficult or dangerous situations International news reporting is becoming more dangerous than ever before. According to the International Federation of Journalists, more than journalists were deliberately targeted and killed in the line of duty last year. Tens of thousands of Russian citizens took to the streets to demand free and fair elections and an end to Putisim. Mainstream national media - largely controlled by the Kremlin - studiously downplayed or ignored these events.

It was up to a small group of independent and courageous newspapers and TV channels to tell the truth. The Liquid Newsroom is a cloud application, accessible via the Internet, which utilizes the strengths of the real time web: fast news delivery to people connected along the interest graph. All operations are managed by three new roles in the newsroom: signal amplifier, sourcing specialist and data analyst.

Steffen Konrath editor Liquid Newsroom. Why is this and what can be done about it? Enzo Biagi was a highly respected Italian journalist and writer. The book Casa Biagi. Una storia familiare Rizzoli, , written by his daughters Bice and Carla Biagi, has recently been published to honour his life and work. They will be in conversation with Vittorio Zucconi. Over the years we have become accustomed to standardized internet access, regardless of which computer is in front of you.

But this is not the case as soon as you step out of the office or go abroad. An analysis of the diversity of usable devices and minimum levels of protection. Mobile tools for the multimedia journalist Your smartphone goes beyond point and click recording. Your tablet may be all you need to produce great video, audio and picture projects, both on deadline or at a leisure pace. Come and discuss the apps and equipment that will make your mobile device your number one tool. The digital comeback of longform The year has been called the year of the e-single, as it was the year when this new digital format made its breakthrough with media start-ups like The Atavist and Byliner paving the way.

Now many established publishers, such as Wired and The New York Times, are experimenting with singles - individually sold stories that are longer than most magazine articles but shorter than most nonfiction books. Is the longform single saving quality journalism on the web? How is it changing publishing? Does it offer a new business model for investigative journalism?

Massimo Colasurdo founder inform-ant. Mobile broadband, of increasing use also in developing countries, has led to technological and social transformation. Large amounts of data, together with the associated systems of memory, manipulation and analysis, are changing the way businesses and governments make their decisions.

But this economic sector remains relatively unknown, unregulated and unexploited. The combined forces of technology, new audience behaviour, economics and globalisation are redrawing the media landscape. Audiences are more fragmented than ever in terms of numbers, demographic groups, viewing, listening and reading habits. The internet and social networks have transformed the gathering and distribution of news, as well as empowering everyone to publish and to exert greater control over the content they receive.

Business models and clichés

How are public service media adapting to these changes in order to maintain quality, uphold their traditional editorial values and to continue serving the needs of their audiences? It will be about the big ideas but also the practical skills journalists need and the real world problems they face. Italy is a highly seismic country, on the same level perhaps as the state of California, Japan, Turkey, the Pacific coast of South America and many other areas of the world. Earthquakes occur time after time, in repeated cycles throughout history. But in many countries they are still perceived as occasional events, natural disasters that occur without any possibility of reducing the risk associated with them, an attitude resulting in very little prevention and a certain carelessness about safety in public buildings, including schools.

Interviews with festival speakers will feature. Confidence is everything Banks rely on the confidence of their customers and especially of their depositors. Without that confidence the banks could not function - this is not a confidence trick but a confidence fact. So what happens when confidence in the banking system begins to diminish, when evidence of incompetence, malpractice and greed begins to accumulate?

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Google - friend or foe to the news industry? Farreaching agreements have been signed - at times seemingly more armistice than lasting peace. Are services such as Google News an existential threat to news publishers? In his latest book Il web ci rende liberi? In conversation with Bill Emmott and John Lloyd. Witness By laeffe the new channel of Feltrinelli and LA7, four documentaries filmed by Michael Mann, the director of Collateral and Public Enemies - Witness: Juarez, Witness: Libya, Witness: Rio, Witness: Sudan Drugs, poverty, violence, corruption, arms trafficking and ethnic war have created some of the most dangerous hot spots on the planet.

Witness follows the new generation of photojournalists in conflict areas in Mexico, Libya, Brazil, Sudan. What makes a journalist go closer to the action when everyone else is looking for shelter? In Juarez Mexico, the murder capital of the world with over 19, deaths related to drug trafficking, Eros tells the story, with great emotional impact, of the murder of a man in his car and the contrast between the silence of death and the arrival of the police.

Witness: Rio In Rio, a city caught between police and gangs, the intrepid photoreporter Eros embarks on a gruesome search for hidden bodies inside and outside the favelas. From Tacito to Montesquieu to Weber, plenty have had their say on bureaucracy through the centuries. The world of bureaucracy is a world unto itself. Covering emergencies in the age of big data In the age of big data, journalists are confronted with opportunities and challenges.

  1. The Moor’s Italian Journeys.
  2. The First Flight Across the Atlantic, May 1919 - Curtiss Flying Boat, NC-1, NC-4 Restoration;
  3. Gomorrah and Beyond.
  4. Easy, Self-Guided Walks in NYC for the Best Chocolate, Views and Christmas Window Displays.
  5. Racconto di due città (Italian Edition);

Particularly in humanitarian crises, we require fast, accurate communication to ensure that the public have correct information to take relevant actions. What can we learn from the past disasters such as Hurricane Sandy? How should journalists monitor, verify and curate social media like Twitter and YouTube?

Hackathon An all-day open data hackathon to bring together different worlds, looking for the new frontiers of information. Data can be an opportunity for all to increase the reliability of information, to contribute to a process of greater transparency in public administration, by involving citizens.

Hackers, activists and citizens can participate to create an experimental day, a marathon of coding, information and data to exchange knowledge and give a contribution to journalism innovation. Live blogging: how to create real-time multimedia storytelling The explosion of social media has had the effect of reducing the attention span of readers, who in turn are ever hungrier for real-time news. Given the lack of resources, traditional newsrooms have so far looked to Facebook and Twitter in order not to lose the battle of breaking news.

  1. State of the media and possible business models.
  2. An Introduction to The Chakras (An Introduction to ..... Book 2)?
  3. Altamirano (Spanish Edition).
  4. 100 Mostriciattoli (Italian Edition)?
  5. Lady Rose Secret Agent 36-24-36.
  6. The value of digital media continues to fall.

This is where they are mistaken. Lillo Montalto Monella ScribbleLive What effect does the ever increasing velocity of on-and-offline news have on the quality of that news? Some speak of the Twitterization of news, but what does that really mean? The programme is produced in association with the European radio network Euranet. Every journalist and news organization has a Twitter and Facebook account these days. But too many journalists are content to use those platforms exclusively for selfpromotion and banter, which minimizes the potential of the social web.

How can journalists and newsrooms be more thoughtful and effective in their use of social media? Iraq to Syria: ten years of media safety changes and challenges An average of two journalists are killed every week carrying out their work. Most are local journalists investigating crime and corruption and their killers are seldom found. Ten years ago the International News Safety Institute was formed to promote best practise for safe reporting, to offer training around the world and to lobby government to support independent journalism.

To mark its 10th anniversary, this panel discussion will consider what progress has been made in the last decade. Your new PC: portable, secure, non-trackable and free A new, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system which provides top-drawer safety. Journalists who operate in dangerous areas can use this system to protect themselves. Best of data journalism The rapidly changing field of data journalism is one of the best ways of making complex information understandable for the general public and therefore is critical to the future of news.

The reform of Italian professional disciplines including journalism establishes the requirement for the regular training and updating of all registered members. The Ordine dei Giornalisti is preparing regulations and procedures to be implemented. But some issues remain to be clarified. Do the newspapers bear some of the costs or do they simply organize internal courses?

Who is in charge of training unemployed colleagues, freelancers and those who have fixed-term contracts? What will the most useful topics be for the trainin courses? Who will be the trainers and what criteria will be used for selection and authorization? Lessons in emigration Young Italian journalists who have chosen to work abroad - why, where, how? Chiara Albanese. And in stark contrast the seemingly well-rooted and almost total disinterest of non-Italian media organisations in what the Italian media is up to.

Time for reflection. The finalists in the online media section are: Gamer Bautdinov senator. Emily Bell Keynote speech by Emily Bell. Introduction by Anna Masera. Defamation in the media: the personal liability of the journalist, the editor, the investigative reporter, the cartoonist and the political satirist. Marcello Bergonzi Perrone lawyer. Hacktivism and digital surveillance Dictators and oppressive regimes the planet over buy billions of dollars worth of digital surveillance technology from Western companies every year, frequently resulting in direct violation of the human rights of the citizens of such states.

And with the full awareness of those doing the selling. In particular, this equipment is often used to identify and then repress dissidents and journalists. Investigative journalism is an indispensable instrument of democracy. In Russia dozens of courageous journalists must deal with censure and threats on a daily basis in order to report what state media chooses to hide.

The Russia of today is towards the bottom end of all the international classifications for press freedom. Data visualisation, maps and timelines on a shoestring If you are a journalist who is always working on tight deadlines with little resources, this session is right for you. You will learn what level of skill each requires, what types of visualisations they are best at, limitations and customisation options for each tool and what technologies they use.

What should information professionals do when activists replace journalists in the production of news? The dramatic conflict in Syria is a war fought on two fronts: military and media. The difficulty in getting first-hand information is that everything related to the real and actual course of events is filtered by a dense news network and more or less certified sources, which often rely on testimonials or videos put on the web by people who have an interest in giving their version of events.

The fact that the Syrian government does not allow the presence of independent media in the country hardly helps matters. When it comes to women in politics like Hilary Clinton some parts of the Western media still give a perhaps surprising amount of attention to the way they are dressed and the number of wrinkles on their face.

In extreme situations like the conflict in Syria the media forget to talk about the violence and torture women are so often victims of. How Twitter, Facebook and Muck Rack have changed journalism forever Before it was unthinkable that a journalist at a reputable publication could publish a single line of copy online without the approval of their editor.

Today the majority of journalists are communicating directly with their audiences via social media. What does this change? Your food and who you are On how and why what you eat is a political act. From Eataly to the world. Oscar Farinetti in conversation with Giovanna Zucconi. Open source intelligence One of the most frequent activities of a journalist these days is the search for information on the web.

The correlation of digital identities and traces of online users often cannot be performed manually. In this workshop the way to maximize efficiency in searching, mining and data correlation from search engines and websites will be shown - by using tools such as Foca and Maltego with which it is possible to extrapolate everything on the web regarding a given identity. Gabriele Zanoni web security expert Italian politics today: music hall farce or epic tragedy?

Or a peep into the future of Western democracy? Vittorio Zucconi in conversation with Filippo Ceccarelli.

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Unemployment among young people, especially in the southern countries of the European Union, has been rising for several years. An unacceptable situation that puts democracy itself at risk. What can be done? The world of communications wiretaps whether on the phone or the internet is often not fully understood - neither how they function nor what the risks are for civil liberties, especially for those dealing with sensitive information such as journalists and their sources.

Wiretappings, internet tappings, surveillance, parametric wiretapping: how they work, who makes them, how they are made, how to stay safe. The community and news organisation interface is vital. But does it get the attention it deserves? Mafe De Baggis co-founder pleens. The importance of social media in the newsroom is unprecedented.

With a breadth of analytics and a stronger understanding of user behavior on social and the web, determining the impact and social value of your reporting has never been easier or more important. Explore the best tools and strategies to measure the impact of every story. Communicating Europe in Italy. Shortcomings and opportunities How do European institutions in Italy comunicate?

What are the main elements which determine European information? In a context of economic and institutional crisis, as well as an ever increasing demand from citizens for transparency in what European institutions in particular and the world of politics in general get up to, a discussion to seek answers to these questions, taking as its starting point the book Communicating Europe in Italy. How has fake information been created which seems plausible to the journalist and the reader? What are the techniques available which can influence the news? The heavy hand of the Italian intelligence services on news distortion, manipulation, creation?

Yet another great urban legend of our times? Or has major lunchtime plotting been going on? Keynote speech by Harper Reed on big data, big answers and what the Obama For America campaign taught him about the future of journalism. Introduction by Guido Romeo. Environmental crime and how to investigate it; the tools to follow pollution, corruption and illegal practices. Aspirations to the sublime and the reality of the daily grind. Ruminations on writing, journalism, dialogue.

Press freedom in Eastern Europe For years, media freedom in Eastern Europe has been a cause for concern for many international organizations which have fought for the freedom of expression and information. The cases of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are emblematic, while the Balkan countries are a special case as they experienced a transition period from a post-war to a European context.

However, the efforts of the younger generation to find their own independent voice - often made possible by the widespread use of new media - offer encouraging signs for the future. Tamas Bodoky editor-in-chief atlatszo. Conspiracy theories: how they sprout and how to whack them Conspiracy theories are nothing new, but there seem to be a lot more doing the rounds now than in the past. Products of a febrile collective hyperlinked imagination? Or the result of sober reflection on unconvincing explanations of significant events? Either way, the workshop will consider what to do with them when they spout.

Plus some useful examples of conspiracy theories skewered by nothing more than the facts. Paolo Attivissimo journalist and author Andrea Boda bimboalieno. Not just Silkroad: Bitcoin, the digital currency Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not rely on banks, but rather on mathematical algorithms. Unfortunately, the way in which the mainstream media treat Bitcoin is usually for its connection with the sale of illegal goods.

It is a neutral instrument par excellence, and it could be an innovative and revolutionary solution in the years to come. The workshop will explain how Bitcoin can be integrated into the blog of a freelance, how the currency market works and the properties of a currency without inflation. Franco Cimatti expert peer-to-peer networks. A cellist of La Scala Opera House in Milan married a boisterous woman, whom he had already fallen in love with during childhood.

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One day, after years of living together, she disappears. In her place there is a ticket, and a life to rebuild in the mystery of the past and many relationships - the family, the children, the same woman - all of which have remained dormant for too long. However, the concept of a European citizen is not crystal clear. In addition to the crisis that alienates citizens from the European project, the role of the citizen in the European decision-making process remains opaque, as does the kind of citizenship Europeans benefit from, what kind of rights they have, the difference between national and European rights.

The EU decision-making process seems to take little account of the citizens, who are often not aware of what is at stake. The current economic crisis goes hand in hand with a crisis in democracy. Gian Paolo Accardo editor presseurop. Many other newspapers are thinking of - or about to do the same; take for example the various rumours about paywalls at The Guardian and indeed at the biggest-selling Italian dailies La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera.

The financial results for those newspapers which have erected a paywall seem broadly encouraging, even if the additional revenue does not match what the print version can provide. Not forgetting the ADV wall issue, with possible collateral loss of advertising revenue. Alternative reality - news fabrication in Italy Vices old and new of the Italian media.

Is this a fair assessment? Il corpo umano Paolo Giordano, author of the debut bestseller La solitudine dei numeri primi, in conversation with Lucia Annunziata about his second book Il corpo umano and much more. Covering the US Presidential elections - the hard way Late-night buses, sleeping on sofas and hitch-hiking in order to report on the US Presidential elections. A book which grew out of a blog and online fundraising. The story of Andrea Marinelli, who wanted to be a journalist - and made it. Old Calabria Southern Italy in general, and Calabria in particular, remains a patriarchal culture.

Drugs, poverty, violence, corruption, arms trafficking and ethnic war have created some of the most dangerous hot spots on the planet. Witness: Libya Michael Christopher Brown went to Libya five times during the conflict that led to the deposition of Gaddafi. With the revolution now over but the situation very delicate due to constant infighting, Brown returns to Libya after his previous trip with photojournalists Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros.

A discussion of specific strategies for innovating in difficult situations, and an examination of the benefits of focused, strategic experimentation as opposed to just trying stuff for the hell of it. It was set up along the lines of the best centres of investigative journalism worldwide. It has nine Italian founders and a number of advisors who are all award-winning international journalists. The panel will present the IRPI model of investigative journalism and the way the organisation works, from the production of a single investigation to fund-raising, from internal teamwork to a broad collaboration with journalists from all over the world.

For five years, a economic-financial-democratic crisis has shaken Europe. Everyone is well aware of the challenges that each country must face in order to survive in an increasingly complex and difficult world global warming, energy and food security, international competition, globalization, de-regulation. Can we do without the European Union?

Crisis of traditional local news: new ideas to the rescue? Local responses to a worldwide phenomenon. How young journalists in Umbria are creating new professional identities, new media start-ups and new overlaps between press services and communications entrepreneurship. The days of relying on the system for a comfortable media job have gone the way of the dodo.

Training for News journalism award The awards ceremony of the best work produced by students from Italian journalism schools while on their pre-graduation internships. There are four categories: print media, video, radio and online journalism. Digital vertigo In Digital Vertigo, Andrew Keen sliced and diced the teddy-bear view of the effect on society of social media. This book has just been translated into Italian by the Egea publishing house, with the title Vertigine digitale Egea, Andrew Keen will discuss contemporary social media and much more in the company of Eleonora Bianchini and Fabio Chusi.

In the streets of Tunis: if the veil covers the jasmine Women, morality, religion. Two years after the fall of Ben Ali, Tunisia is coming to terms with its dual personality: on the one hand secular and Westernized, on the other hand deeply Arab and Islamic. Women, who were protagonists in the days of the revolt, are today the focal point of transition. Blogs and legal issues Who is legally responsible for the information on the web? What if a powerful person brings an lawsuit against you? How can a journalist or a blogger defend himself from the abuse of power? Bernardo Valli on how technological change is pulling apart reporter and reported, despite the ever increasing immediacy of news.

Remember the financial crash? One among many subsequent questions was why almost nobody in the media saw it coming. Fast forward to the March Italian general elections.

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Can a crowd investigate? And how can journalists harness the power of social media when holding powerful to account. Ignoramuses: the bitter truth Italy is way down the international lists on relative quality of education and training. An opportunity to innovate and invigorate, or just yet another confirmation of seemingly unstoppable national decline?

A discussion of the latest book by Roberto Ippolito, entitled Ignoranti In times of transition: a vision for moving forward With the pressure to break stories first on Twitter getting more intense and traditional ladders and mentorship structures less vital, what do new paths to the top look like? As media institutions and markets change, how might we reenvision news structures of the future?

Italo Carmignani Il Messaggero. Once upon a time the north of Italy was trumpeted as the moral capital of Italy. The south of Italy, more precisely anywhere south of Rome, was where the barbarians came from. Recent criminal investigations and corruption scandals in Milan have revealed this neat dichotomy to be laughably false. Her biography In attesa della primavera Waiting for Spring , published by Edizioni Anordest in April , is testimony to her remarkable personal story.

State-mafia negotiations More analysis in a new book by Giovanni Fasanella on the links - with virtuous intent or otherwise - over the decades between the Italian state and organised crime. Tsunami TV Thirty years of commercial TV in Italy have moulded the tastes, attitudes and political ideology of the nation and have arguably contributed in no small way to the barnacle-like grip of Silvio Berlusconi on the Italian electorate. Gianluigi Nuzzi journalist and author. Leading figures in Italian pop music reflect on the current musical revolution - technological this time.

Brochure ijf13 english. The symbol indicates that simultaneous translation is provided Festival attendees agree to and authorise any future use of voice recordings, photos or video taken during the festival. Free 7 by www. COM 12 Alessi Ms Umbria, I presume Beniamino Pagliaro founder Good Morning Italia Giampaolo Colletti Giampaolo Colletti founder altratv.

Consensus and representation in the digital age Marco Patuano Matteo Renzi WORKSHOP A consideration of how the the spread of the internet, technological innovation and a multiplicity of web tools have transformed the ways in which politicians and political parties comunicate, build consensus and provide representation.

Lella Mazzoli University of Urbino Proxies, lawyers and dummy companies Paul Radu A presentation of techniques used by organized crime and corrupt politicians to launder money and hide assets as well as investigative methods to track down the money across borders. Alessi Repubblica. Michael Bauer Open Knowledge Foundation 28 Douglas Arellanes Douglas Arellanes co-founder Sourcefabric Rakhal Ebeli Rakhal Ebeli founder Newsmodo Felice Dalla Pasqua You are a selfstanding web journalist, or you work in a cash-strapped newsroom: e will take you on a tour of free or almost free tools that will let you stream live video, edit digital photos, become a social media power user, create HTML charts, analyze search keywords, embed polls and create interactive slideshows.

Alessi Radio despite Twitter Francesca Barra Simone Spetia Is there still viable space in the media landscape for that emblem of 20th century communication the wireless also known as the radio? Sonia Montegiove Luigina Foggetti co-founder girlgeeklife. Simone Spetia Radio 24 Newsmodo is a revolutionary web based platform that empowers media organisations to source content by leveraging our global network of freelance professionals.

Bertrand Pecquerie Many media organisations run live blogs simultaneously for live coverage. Matteo Jori University of Milan Gregor Aisch freelance information visualizer Heather Brooke Heather Brooke activist and author Gallus Recent Italian court judgments - including the case of Alessandro Sallusti, editor of the Italian daily Il Giornale sentenced to jail currently under appeal for defamation - have highlighted the importance of the issue of online libel and defamation.

Marco Pratellesi Vanity Fair Alessi Public service media: the challenges ahead Vittorio Argento Michael Mullane The combined forces of technology, new audience behaviour, economics and globalisation are redrawing the media landscape. Simone Spetia Radio 24 Alessi Slow journalism Federico Guerrini What effect does the ever increasing velocity of on-and-offline news have on the quality of that news? Yes please! Giancarlo Ghirra The reform of Italian professional disciplines including journalism establishes the requirement for the regular training and updating of all registered members.

Marcello Bergonzi Perrone lawyer Dzieciolowski Investigative journalism is an indispensable instrument of democracy.

Ring of Fire - Il Filo di Arianna

Alessi Siria: civil war or media war? Susan Dabbous Paul Wood What should information professionals do when activists replace journalists in the production of news? Lucio Battistotti Unemployment among young people, especially in the southern countries of the European Union, has been rising for several years. Buttafuoco 68 Tamas Bodoky Tamas Bodoky editor-in-chief atlatszo. Thierry Vissol is the European Year of Citizens. Andrea Marinelli Francesco Costa ilpost.

Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition) Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition)
Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition) Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition)
Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition) Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition)
Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition) Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition)
Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition) Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition)
Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition) Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition)
Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition) Il filo di Arianna: 8 (I Mainstream) (Italian Edition)

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