Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story)

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Yes, there is a rose scene and its fun, sexy and sets down the nature of the relationship. Here, take a peak. Its rated R so by reading forward you are agreeing to be at least 18 years of age. Instead of a powerful entry, a whisper of silk glided up one thigh, floated across her mons and slid down the other. The rose. Tai, being the creative kind of guy he is, finds a few uses for that rose. As you can see, the rose represents more than the beauty and bite of love. In this story, it signifies the gentling of the warrior; the acceptance of a new way of being.

Even though we may not be Amazon warriors, we do understand what it takes to lift the veil of expectations that the world puts on us as we grow up and grow into our own skin. Thirteen Nights is Back on its blog Tour. Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours for organizing a good part of it and to my author peeps for hosting me on some of the dates not covered. Come visit. Hope to see you out there. Thirteen Nights is going on Tour.


There will be opportunities to win copies at of the book at various times throughout the tour. Here are the links. An empathic Amazon, she hides her emotional anomaly beneath her legendary fighting skills.

Only months away from 30, she is now duty-bound to participate. As a half human, Tai has survived by being faster, more lethal, and a whole lot smarter than his brethren. While the male warriors accept him for his achievements, the Amazons have never given him a second look. Until he meets Annie, whose smile is warm and real and whose body shudders with desire—for him. Determined to have her, he hacks into the Thirteen Nights database and rearranges the pairings to make Annie his breeding partner. Together, their strength and tenderness combust into pure love.

To stay together and alive, they must take on the Greek Pantheon and win. The ancient gods live hidden among us. Their powers are waning, stripped away by modern life. To survive, the pantheons shun the mortal world.

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Rebels, called game-changers, challenge the rules and join with humans. And they want more. No problem. Let me know what you think and then visit all the other amazing authors participating on the SFR Brigade. Thirteen Nights is an updated myth based on the Amazons in ancient Greece. In my series, the gods and their pantheons still live in modern day under the radar but are losing their power due to the lack of human worshipers and the slow destruction of the natural world from which they gain their powers.

In Amazon history, the female warriors would mate on an annual basis with the Gargareans, their male warrior counterparts, to bear children.

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Females stay with the Amazons, males are given back to the Gargareans. It was easy for her to say. Having the priestess so close, with both of them in such a state of undress gave her a tingly feeling between her legs - like an itch that needed to be scratched. Hyrmina lifted her hands away. You will still be intact for your wedding night. Create Widget. About Neneh Gordon.

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Learn more about Neneh Gordon. Also by This Author. Readers of This Book Also Read. Report this book. This is a story about love and second chances and fits perfectly in this time of year. I was wondering how will 4 so different people with different past work out together and Ms Blevins knows how to interwine them marvelously. Cole — a bear shifter and Jayce — a powerful vampire complete each other in their partnership. They are in love and happy together. They are sort of equal partners and their sex is smoking hot. She is strong, independent vampire who has some bad reputation due to her past.

As she was asleep for years, she is now forced to learn all the history, social etiquette and technology in modern time. He was such a sweet albeit strong pet and so desperately in need of unconditional love and trust.

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I admired Jayce, he was the stone in their relationship. Smart, wise, patient and full of great ideas… I was fond of hard topics they discussed and how they confronted past vs. The history,…. Oh wow, what did I just read? This was one intense roller coaster of paranormal politics, fight, bad decisions, good intentions, heartbreak, sex and more. So much happened in this book it is hard to put in a review but still so many questions are still not answered.

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Blevins shakes the whole paranormal world with so many twists and turned everything upside-down. Who is good and who is bad, who are allies, who would you chose to save? So many moral questions and not one straight answer. Will good ever defeat the bad? I guess the balance is important but what happens when the scale goes to the wrong side? Everybody claims they have good reasoning behind their decision but decisions are still hard to understand. I loved the plot and suspense and even moments that made me love and hate and curse everybody and every decision.

I still have a hard time processing Abbott decision. I really hoped they will get back together. He is ultimate authority, strong, sexy and uncompromising but caring and a strict Dom with kink I love. That is why I was shocked to find out he was behind Kirsten kidnaping. Kirsten is trying…. First let me say I am a fan of Gena and her Lords of the Underworld so I had great expectation about this book. I was a bit disappointed. Not that it was bad but this was more of an action movie story than paranormal romance.

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The constant fight between good and evil and never-ending inner battles. He is ruthless and strong and somehow selfish in his way to destruction. But the more time he spend with her, the more he understand why are humans important and precious. Annabelle is a strong girl who is falsely accused of killing her parents and put in the mental institution, because no one believes her there are monsters demons walking among people.

She suffered so much but came out stronger.

Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story) Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story)
Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story) Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story)
Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story) Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story)
Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story) Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story)
Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story) Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story)
Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story) Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story)
Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story) Given to the Minotaur (Paranormal Erotic Romance Story)

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