The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal

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They must discover a way to avert the catastrophe to save their lives. While searching for dilithium crystals, Voyager's crew finds a strange alien culture that must steal bodily organs to fight the "phage," a disease that eats away at their bodies and destroys their organs. While investigating what they believe to be a nebula in search of fuel, the crew of Voyager discovers that they have in fact entered and injured a new life form, which they must help heal as they try to escape. The Voyager crew becomes hopeful when they encounter a small wormhole through which they communicate with a cargo vessel on the other side On a warring planet, Tom Paris is accused of a murder he didn't commit.

His sentence is to relive the crime from the victim's point-of-view every 14 hours for the rest of his life. While exploring an alien burial ground, Ensign Kim is transported to the culture's homeworld The crew of the Voyager encounters an alien race that may hold the key to their return home. The Voyager responds to the distress calls of a Kazon warship, and discovers the ship was damaged by misuse of Federation technology. Is there a traitor onboard the Voyager? The ship's Holodeck is taken over by an alien lifeform that transforms the crew into pure energy.

The Holographic Doctor must push beyond his programmed limits to fight the alien and save the crew. An alien presence is wandering Voyager, briefly taking over crew members. Can Janeway stop it before the ship is destroyed?

Quantum slipstream drive

Torres is captured by the Phage aliens and split into two separate beings - one fully Klingon, the other fully human - while they search for a cure to the disease. Neelix is confronted by the man responsible for the annihilation of much of the Talaxian race, including his family.

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Season 1 finale - Tuvok's attempt to train Maquis crew members in Starfleet protocol turns them mutinous. B'Elanna and the Doctor try to discover why the ship is mysteriously losing power. Season 2 premiere - Captain Janeway encounters the first woman aviator, Amelia Earhart, on an alien planet.

Alone aboard a shuttlecraft, Chakotay is targeted by a young Kazon warrior who must earn his name by killing the Federation enemy. Believing that Voyager has suffered a massive Kazon attack, the Doctor ventures from Sickbay, via remote holo-projection system, to aid those on board.

When alien life forms accelerate Kes' reproductive process, she has just one chance to mate and have a child. A spacial distortion causes a system malfunction and changes the ship's structural layout. Neelix and Paris make unlikely teammates and even more unlikely caretakers to a newborn alien. As the Voyager crew readies for a first encounter with an alien species, a strange psionic field causes their most deeply buried thoughts to surface.

When an Away Team encounters hostile natives, Chakotay has flashbacks of himself as a young boy who disappoints his father by not embracing his cultural traditions. The Caretaker's female mate, possibly the only hope in returning the Voyager crew home, is found.

The Kazon join together to try and conquer the Voyager, but the driving force behind them is not Kazon, but traitor Seska. Captain Janeway must rescue Tuvok and Torres when Mokra soldiers take them prisoner, but she is forced to rely on an eccentric alien man who believes she is his daughter. When the crew finds a deactivated robot floating in space, a curious Torres brings it back to life, only to be abducted by it.

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To strengthen Voyager's position in the Quadrant, Janeway reluctantly seeks to form an alliance with the Kazon. Himself Ritchie West Himself Nat Young Edit Storyline A loose biography of surfer and documentarist George Greenough, one of the most famous and unique members of the surfing subculture.

Taglines: A totally unique film experience! Language: English.

The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal

Runtime: 78 min. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color.

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Edit Did You Know? Quotes George Greenough : You might be in there for only a few secondsin real timebut in your head it goes on for hours. It is an experience that's hard to describe, riding inside of a big, grinding wave. Often you're riding so deep inside the tube, you don't make it out. You take a terrible wipe out.

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What matters is when you're in there, it's the time interval when you're inside the wave. Time enters space, a zone of its own. The only reality is what's happening right then. Add the first question. User Reviews surf and turf 28 December by leeprew1 — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. No, really. As soon as she's introduced into the show, her presence starts to overwhelm events, with her reintegration into society being the basis for some embarrassingly unsubtle reprises of earlier "What Is Humanity?

This seventh season episode, in which Seven deals with matters of the heart, is one of the worst. Season 1: Episodes 1 and 2, "Caretaker" The pilot sets the stage for the series in a surprisingly speedy manner, while also unfolding a suitably Star Trek plot about first contact with an alien that's unlike anything the crew have ever encountered before.

It's the best episode the show manages in the first couple of years, but it engenders enough goodwill to keep you watching for some time. Season 2: Episode 21, "Deadlock" What if there were two Voyager s, with identical crews? Well, maybe not entirely identical, which is what provides this episode with much of its drama—especially with the way things end up. No, no spoilers.

Fan service? You bet, but it's particularly fun fan service, which is always allowed. More shows should make Ed Begley Jr. Season 3: Episode 25, "Worst Case Scenario" Reality and fantasy blur when a holodeck simulation gets out of hand, and the crew are faced with alternate and less friendly versions of themselves in an episode that finally embraces the social conflicts that the series sidestepped in its beginning.

What happens when theoretically mortal enemies are forced to work together? Finally, fireworks. Season 3: Episode 26 and Season 4: Episode 1, "Scorpion" Parts I and II The two-parter that spanned the show's third and fourth seasons reset a bunch of elements from the series, ditching one character and introducing Seven of Nine sadly. As a two-parter, however, it's both frenetic and enjoyable, and definitely unmissable for those wanting to keep track of who's who in the larger scheme of things.

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Season 4: Episodes 8 and 9, "Year of Hell" Parts I and II The title of this two-parter isn't kidding; everything that could go wrong for the crew of Voyager pretty much does, thanks to forces playing with the timestream for their own nefarious purposes. Wonderfully bleak in places, this might be the highlight of the entire series, and something that the show should've aspired to from that point onwards. Season 5: Episode 6, "Timeless" The show's th episode doesn't just feature a welcome guest-star in LeVar Burton, reprising his Star Trek: The Next Generation role as Geordi LaForge, but it also offers more time-travel hijinks, as well as a hint that the way home wasn't as far away for the crew of Voyager as it might have seemed earlier.

Season 5: Episode 26 and Season 6: Episode 1, "Equinox" Parts I and II The fifth season finale and subsequent follow-up reveals that the Voyager wasn't the first Starfleet ship lost in the Delta Quadrant, with the fate of that crew serving as an uncomfortable sign of what might be lying ahead for the show's stars if they can't get home faster than they'd been planning. Season 7: Episodes 25 and 26, "Endgame" The show's final episode opens with the Voyager crew back on Earth, only to suggest that maybe things hadn't gone as planned—and that Janeway wanted to change that.

The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal
The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal
The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal
The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal
The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal
The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal
The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal

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