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Then the cycle of holy days would repeat itself again, reflecting the cycles of nature, planets and indeed life itself, as the Druids believed in reincarnation.


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They also believed that sins committed in a previous life could be made up for in the next. Probably the most famous stone circle in Britain is Stonehenge, an ancient megalithic monument dating back to about B. There is indeed thought that this was a place of worship for them, as it still is today for pagans and other neo-druids. There is disagreement though, about whether the Druids built Stonehenge or not. It is not clear exactly when the Druids came to Britain, but it is likely that they actually arrived after Stonehenge was built. Indeed, Anglesey was supposedly a place where Druids were taught.

It took about 20 years to learn the lore, as it was complex and had to be learnt off by heart as they rarely used a written language. This is one reason why we know so little about them.

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Some legends must also be treated with caution as they may have even been altered by subsequent Christian influence or exaggeration. In the 1st century AD, Druids were facing oppression from the Romans. Indeed, Tiberius banned Druidism because of the supposed human sacrifices. After this, in 2nd century, Druidism appeared to end. There are a couple of theories to try and explain this. The first is that, as with many ancient societies, disease, famine or warfare could have wiped them out.

The second implicates the arrival of Christianity in the decline. Might they have been converted? In the s though, a Druid revival occurred in England and Wales.

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The famous William Blake an Arch-druid even took part in this. Some religions today, like Christianity and Wicca have been influenced by Druidry. The number three was considered greatly significant in Druid lore, and also by these religions. They are able to express their connection to the land, respect for living things and reverence for the gods in a far richer way than I have been used to as a Priest of another tradition. Yes, like other religions, Druids use ritual and ceremony, but not in a dry and formal way. They have MORE.

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They have an extra ingredient — ART. Druidry is an artistic belief system that awakens and celebrates creativity with passion and power. It holds together, in perfect balance, both the Priestly and the Bardic dimensions. It is alive, alive with life itself! It is a book written from the heart of a true Priest of nature, with every bit of Bardic magic infused. Covering much new ground, Cat imparts information in a perfectly natural and conversational manner, her poetic imagination making the reading a pure delight.

It is also deeply human. Interspersed are deliciously authentic and highly personal anecdotes that give the book an extra spark of raw humanity. Unlike many modern day spiritual guides and gurus Cat does not attempt to be the archetypal wisdom teacher, sat high upon a throne of perfection. She sits down with us, and opens her heart, sharing both her vulnerability as well as her life-learned lessons. Life can be hard or mundane or confusing, and the Druidry spoken of here is for just such a life.

You will find no pie in the sky platitudes, but earthy soul-guidance for real people. Cat paints a picture of a spiritual way of life that stretches, breathes, allows movement and flexibility. Not a religion of perfection and certainties but one that makes sense of life with all its mess and muddle.

One that can adapt, embrace and grow. In the future, when people ask me which book on Druidry I recommend for someone who really wants to experience what being a Druid means, this will most definitely be among the first that come to mind. I have stood in the rain, soaked through, cloak stuck to me and laughing as the wind whips around me, painted with ochre as I dance with the spirits of the forest. I have sat in the dark, alone, at the bottom of a pit, unsure even of which direction to look next, let alone where to step.

In the American West, in the days of open frontier, there was a character known as the Wagonmaster, whose job it was to gather folks together in the city, and guide them across dangerous, wonderful and uncharted wilderness to a new life in a new world. Pilgrims chose a Wagonmaster not just by what he had to say, but even more so by how he looked and felt. He looked like someone who had spent ages in the wilderness; felt like someone who understood the unknown.

She has been there. She has made the journey before. She not only knows how to tell us about it, she knows how to take us in hand and lead us into the wilderness. She is a reliable guide. That is the value of her book. Anyone can write about Druidry, but only a few special folks can take us there. Be prepared for a deep and meaningful journey. I will look forward to reading your book Chris. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Druid's Tale , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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More filters. Sort order. Aug 19, Peter Wilkin rated it it was amazing. Despite the author's recommendation that A Druid's Tale be "consumed slowly Purely because I found it to be such an addictive read.

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However, the book is so incredibly rich in content that it's impossible to digest in one sitting. Each page is so full of tasty morsels that it needs to be read through several times and reflected upon in order to assimilate the words into your bloodstream. Cat Treadwell is a Druid Priest and, by dint of that fact, Despite the author's recommendation that A Druid's Tale be "consumed slowly Cat Treadwell is a Druid Priest and, by dint of that fact, she is well qualified to write about Druidry and explain exactly what it is.

Thankfully, she does not do that. Instead, she shares with us her own lived experiences: real experiences that paint infinitely more colourful and detailed illustrations than any academically driven text could. Very aware of the absolute folly of trying to impress her readers, Cat keeps it real from the very first page to the last as she describes her fears, her agonies and some of her epiphanies, all explained and related to her Druidic beliefs and practice.

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  7. I felt myself connecting with her, even journeying with her as I made my own way through her story. And connection, she demonstrates, is at the very heart of her practice. True connection is a communion with otherness: to other living beings, to the inanimate, to the forces of nature, to our ancestors and to the whole of creation. And I read of Celebration, after which I promised myself a whole new and more honest way of being with others as I mark not just certain dates in the calendar but each day as an opportunity to give of myself to others whilst rejoicing in the never-ending wonders of this spinning planet.

    I had learned about Cat and how she interprets her role and lives her life as a Druid Priest I sat, reflected Nor should it ever be. Druidry, it seems to me after reading Cat's book, is a certain way of being and becoming and learning how to discover and accept your True Self.

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    After these insights and still stirred by the author's passions and honesty, I gazed out of my window at the rain-lashed moors on the horizon and listened to the howling wind as it grabbed at piles of leaves and flung them around the garden. Jun 11, Liz rated it it was amazing. People often say " this book changed my life" As one little mote in the universe I am now connected to an unimaginable number of other "motes" and will grow as a human being as a result of this.

    If you can read this I had recently become interested in Druidry after meeting a lot of people I seemed to have a great deal in common with, this book is excellent for anyone with an open mind willing to have some of the myths People often say " this book changed my life" I had recently become interested in Druidry after meeting a lot of people I seemed to have a great deal in common with, this book is excellent for anyone with an open mind willing to have some of the myths they have heard de-bunked whilst feeling better about themselves in the process.

    It is a book to pick up, read a bit A Druid's Tale Thank you Cat. Its really difficult to sit back and just give this book five stars. But since that's the only choice I have for a top-score I'll have to settle with that. Before I start on how Cat's book was for me - I find it a little necessary to elaborate on who I am trust me, this figures into part of how the book was for me. I have been on a Pagan path for nearly thirty yea Its really difficult to sit back and just give this book five stars. I have been on a Pagan path for nearly thirty years of my own life - and I share some similar background to what Cat shares in terms of personal Life.

    Thus, this book really spoke to who I am, as well as what I believe. Cat's style of writing comes across as a pleasant, warm conversation shared between you the reader and her while sitting at a campfire in the middle of the night. At least that's my impression of it. Sharing cups of hot chocolate and talking about how Druidry has impacted and addressed aspects of our lives. There are questions at the end of each section that Cat seems to be asking of the reader.

    I took the opportunity to set the book down from time to time and answer these questions in my own personal journal. I wrote until I felt that I had answered the question. Sometimes it was a couple of lines, and for others it took a few paragraphs. Its not a requirement for reading the book - but Cat does state in the very beginning that the book is intended to be digested in smaller chunks, rather than read straight through. Perhaps the most interesting part in reading the book, I found a perspective that mirrors my own. Rituals, spellwork, robes, staves, wands, crystals, etc etc

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    A Druids Tale A Druids Tale
    A Druids Tale A Druids Tale
    A Druids Tale A Druids Tale
    A Druids Tale A Druids Tale
    A Druids Tale A Druids Tale

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