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This is a select list of recordings of Der Rosenkavalier, a three-act opera by Richard Strauss with a German-language libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. In general usage, a dictum from Latin, "something that has been said"; plural dicta is an authoritative or dogmatic statement. Dido and Aeneas Z. Didone abbandonata Dido Abandoned was an opera in three acts composed by Tomaso Albinoni. Didone abbandonata Dido Abandoned is an opera in three acts composed by Domenico Sarro to a libretto by Pietro Metastasio, which was based on the story of Dido and Aeneas from the fourth book of Virgil's Aeneid.

Didone abbandonata is an opera, or dramma per musica, by Giuseppe Sarti, set to a libretto by the renowned poet Metastasio. Die Bajadere is an operetta in 3 acts composed by Hungarian composer Emmerich Kalman. The Murder of Caesar , Op. Die Fastnachtsbeichte, op. German for The Enchanted Island is an opera libretto written by German poet and dramatist Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter — , after an earlier version by his friend, based on Thomas Shadwell's operatic version of Dryden's The Enchanted Island, itself based on Shakespeare's The Tempest.

The Branded or The Stigmatized is an opera in three acts by Franz Schreker with a German-language libretto by the composer. Die Heimkehr aus der Fremde German, Return of the stranger , known in English as Son and Stranger or Return of the Roamer, of March 15, , accessed November 23, is a one-act Singspiel, The New York Times, November 22, , accessed November 23, written by Felix Mendelssohn in to a German libretto by the composer's friend Karl Klingemann, a poet who would later provide the text for the oratorio Elijah. Die Herzogin von Chicago The Duchess of Chicago is an operetta in two acts, a prologue, and an epilogue.

Die Jakobsleiter Jacob's Ladder is an oratorio by Arnold Schoenberg that marks his transition from a contextual or free atonality to the twelve-tone technique anticipated in the oratorio's use of hexachords. Die Kluge. The Wise. In the early s, French operettas by Jacques Offenbach were first presented in Vienna. Die Stadt hinter dem Strom The city beyond the river is a German language existentialist novel by Hermann Kasack, published in in Berlin. The Twin Brothers, D. Dieterich Buxtehude Diderich,; c.

One of the most learned people of his time, he played a major role in the movement for the national awakening of the Croatian nation then under Austro-Hungarian rule as part of what he and his close friend and colleague Ljudevit Gaj called the Illyrian people by imposing the Croatian language in the local literacy and with the creation of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. His political activism for a Croatian national revival dealt through his participation in many patriotic pamphlets, most notably the Narodne novine and Hrvatski Sokol among many others.

Dino Buzzati-Traverso 14 October — 28 January was an Italian novelist, short story writer, painter and poet, as well as a journalist for Corriere della Sera. Dionysian-Dithyrambs Dionysos-Dithyramben is a collection of nine poems written in second half of by Friedrich Nietzsche under the nom de plume of Dionysos. Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights is a libretto for an opera by the American modernist playwright and poet Gertrude Stein. Doktor Faust is an opera by Ferruccio Busoni with a German libretto by the composer himself, based on the myth of Faust. Dolores Claiborne is an opera in two acts composed by Tobias Picker to a libretto by J.

Domenico Della Maria born Marseilles , died Paris 9 March was a mandolin virtuoso and dramatic composer of operas. Domenico Carlo Maria Dragonetti 7 April — 16 April was an Italian double bass virtuoso and composer with a 3 string double bass. Domenico Gilardoni — was an Italian opera librettist, most well known for his collaborations with the composers Vincenzo Bellini his first work and Gaetano Donizetti. Sebastiano Biancardi 27 March — 9 October , known by the pseudonym Domenico Lalli, was an Italian poet and librettist.

Don Giovanni K. Don Procopio is a two-act opera buffa by Georges Bizet with an Italian libretto completed in , and first performed in Don Rodrigo is an opera in three acts by Alberto Ginastera, the composer's first opera, to an original Spanish libretto by Alejandro Casona. Donald Patriquin born October 21, in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada is a composer, organist, and choral conductor.

Dora's Dream is a one-act operetta, with music composed by Alfred Cellier and a libretto by Arthur Cecil. Doriclea is an opera in three acts and a prologue by the Italian composer Francesco Cavalli with a libretto by Giovanni Faustini. Dorilla in Tempe is a melodramma eroico pastorale in three acts by composer Antonio Vivaldi with an Italian libretto by Antonio Maria Lucchini.

Doris May Lessing 22 October — 17 November was a British novelist, poet, playwright, librettist, biographer and short story writer. Dorothy Fields July 15, — March 28, was an American librettist and lyricist. Doubt is an American opera in two acts by Douglas J. Cuomo to a libretto by John Patrick Shanley. Doug Wright born is an American playwright, librettist, and screenwriter. Douglas Allanbrook April 1, — January 29, was an American composer, concert pianist and harpsichordist.

Down in the Valley is a folk-opera in one act by composer Kurt Weill and librettist Arnold Sundgaard, initially composed and conceived for the radio in then rewritten and produced in Dramma giocoso Italian, literally: drama with jokes; plural: drammi giocosi is a genre of opera common in the midth century. Dramma per musica Italian, literally: drama for music, plural: drammi per musica is a term which was used by dramatists in Italy and elsewhere between the lateth and midth centuries.

Dublin City Public Libraries is the largest library authority in the Republic of Ireland, serving over half a million people through a network of 21 branch libraries, a number of specialist services and Mobile Library stops. Edward Morgan Forster 1 January June was an English novelist, short story writer, essayist and librettist.

Emily Pauline Johnson also known in Mohawk as Tekahionwake —pronounced: dageh-eeon-wageh, literally: 'double-life' 10 March — 7 March , commonly known as E. Pauline Johnson or just Pauline Johnson, was a Canadian writer and performer popular in the late 19th century. Eadweard Muybridge 9 April — 8 May , born Edward James Muggeridge was an English photographer important for his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion, and early work in motion-picture projection. Earl Carroll September 16, — June 17, was an American theatrical producer, director, songwriter and composer. Echo et Narcisse Echo and Narcissus was the last original opera, specifically a drame lyrique, written by Christoph Willibald Gluck, his sixth for the French stage.

Edmond Gondinet 7 March — 19 November was a French playwright and librettist. Edmund Falconer c. Philipp Eduard Devrient 11 August October was a German baritone, librettist, playwright, actor, theatre director, and theatre reformer and historian. Edward Fitzball — 27 October was a popular English playwright, who specialised in melodrama. Edward Joseph Dent, generally known by his initials as E. Edward Teschemacher — , also known as Edward Frederick Lockton, was an American lyricist, translator, arranger, librettist, and popular music composer responsible for writing and co-writing a number of well-known pieces, including "Because" and co-writing "I'll Walk Beside You" Since the twentieth century, the role of the car has become highly important though controversial.

Einstein on the Beach is an opera in four acts framed and connected by five "knee plays" or intermezzos , composed by Philip Glass and directed by theatrical producer Robert Wilson. The guest of the sevillano-inn is a zarzuela in two acts with music by Jacinto Guerrero and a libretto by Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena with Enrique Reoyo. Master Peter's Puppet Show is a puppet-opera in one act with a prologue and epilogue, composed by Manuel de Falla to a Spanish libretto based on an episode from Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

Eleanor Farjeon — was an English author of children's stories and plays, poetry, biography, history and satire. Auden and Chester Kallman. Eliogabalo Heliogabalus is an opera by the Italian composer Francesco Cavalli based on the life of the Roman emperor Heliogabalus.

Elodie Lauten October 20, — June 3, was a French-born American composer described as postminimalist or a microtonalist. Emanuel Schikaneder 1 September — 21 September , born Johann Joseph Schickeneder, was a German impresario, dramatist, actor, singer and composer. Emilia di Liverpool Emilia of Liverpool; also given as L'eremitaggio di Liverpool is a dramma semiserio, "half-serious" dramatic opera, in two acts with music by Gaetano Donizetti.

Emiliano Zapata Salazar 8 August — 10 April was a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution, the main leader of the peasant revolution in the state of Morelos, and the inspiration of the agrarian movement called Zapatismo. Emilio de' Cavalieri, or Emilio dei Cavalieri — the spellings "del" and "Cavaliere" are contemporary typographical errors — c. Emilio Praga 18 December — 26 December was an Italian writer, painter, poet and librettist.

Emily Wilding Davison 11 October — 8 June was a suffragette who fought for votes for women in the United Kingdom in the early twentieth century. Emma di Resburgo Emma of Roxburgh is a melodramma eroico a heroic, serious opera in two acts by Giacomo Meyerbeer. Elisabeth was born into the royal Bavarian house of Wittelsbach. Encompass New Opera Theatre is a professional opera company located in New York City which specializes in premiering new productions, and reviving 20th century operas by American and international composers.

The Encyclopedia of Performing Arts Italian: Enciclopedia dello Spettacolo; sometimes cited as Enciclopedio dello Spettacolo was an Italian language specialty encyclopedia of performing arts, published between and Entente Cordiale is a comic opera in one act by Ethel Smyth with an English-language libretto by Smyth, who describes the work as "a post-war comedy in one act founded on fact ".

Entfernet euch, ihr heitern Sterne Disperse yourselves, ye stars, serenely! Equinox is a Slovene-language opera by the Slovenian composer Marjan Kozina — It was first performed in Ljubljana on May 2, , conducted by Samo Hubad. Ercole su'l Termodonte Hercules in Thermodon is a baroque Italian opera in three acts. Eric W. Erminie is a comic opera in two acts composed by Edward Jakobowski with a libretto by Claxson Bellamy and Harry Paulton, based loosely on Charles Selby's English translation of the French melodrama, Robert Macaire.

Ermione is a tragic opera azione tragica in two acts by Gioachino Rossini to an Italian libretto by Andrea Leone Tottola, based on the play Andromaque by Jean Racine. According to recent research it was not this legendary event that Bourget took to trial. In the evenings the proprietor, M.

Bourget was annoyed and sued M. The verdicts established that the transaction costs for a systematic collection of performing right fees could be covered by amounts claimed at a level which was related to the indemnity decided on by the Parisian courts of justice. Ernest Bourget is the author or co-author of several librettos for Jacques Offenbach. Ernest Cook Poole January 23, — January 10, was an American journalist, novelist, and playwright. Professor Dr. Ernst Friedrich Karl Rudorff January 18, — December 31, was a German composer and music teacher, also a founder of nature protection movement.

Erschallet, ihr Lieder, erklinget, ihr Saiten! Expectation , Op. Es war einmal Once upon a time is a fairy-tale opera in a prologue and three acts by the Austrian composer Alexander von Zemlinsky. Johann Sebastian Bach composed the church cantata Es wartet alles auf dich Everything waits for You ,, in Leipzig for the seventh Sunday after Trinity and first performed it on 4 August Esther is a English-language opera by Jan Meyerowitz to a libretto by Langston Hughes based on the biblical story in the Book of Esther.

Eugene Benson born is a professor of English and a prolific writer, novelist, playwright and librettist. Euridice is an opera in a prologue and one act by the Italian composer Giulio Caccini. Europa riconosciuta meaning "Europa revealed" or "Europa recognized" is an opera in two acts by Antonio Salieri, designated as a dramma per musica, set to an Italian libretto by Mattia Verazi. Evangelii gaudium English: The Joy of the Gospel is a apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis on "the church's primary mission of evangelization in the modern world.

The term expressionism "was probably first applied to music in , especially to Schoenberg", because like the painter Wassily Kandinsky — he avoided "traditional forms of beauty" to convey powerful feelings in his music. Ezio is an opera eroica or "heroic" opera in 3 acts by Gaetano Latilla. Fabio Casadei Turroni born November 11, is an Italian novelist, musicologist and journalist. Gilbert and music by Edward German. Sir John Falstaff is a fictional character who is mentioned in four plays by William Shakespeare and appears on stage in three of them.

Family Opera Initiative FOI is an American opera company based in New York City that commissions, develops, and premieres original works for cross-generational audiences. Farinelli is an opera in two acts, described as 'serio-comic', by John Barnett, to a libretto by his brother Charles Zachary Barnett. Farnace Italian spelling for Pharnaces , is the title of several 18th-century operas set to various librettos. Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend, based on the historical Johann Georg Faust c. Faust ballets are a set of ballets, choreographed between the 18th and 20th centuries, based on the legend of Faust.

Federico Favali Pietrasanta, born 17 June is an Italian composer of classical music. Felice Romani 31 January January was an Italian poet and scholar of literature and mythology who wrote many librettos for the opera composers Donizetti and Bellini. Feramors is an opera in two acts by Anton Rubinstein to a libretto by Julius Rodenberg. Ferdinando Bertoni 15 August — 1 December was an Italian composer and organist. Ferdinando de Cristofaro — 18 April was one of the most celebrated mandolin virtuosi of the late 19th Century.

Ferdinando Fontana 30 January — 10 May was an Italian journalist, dramatist, and poet. Fervaal is an opera action musicale or lyric drama in three acts with a prologue by the French composer Vincent d'Indy, his opus The term festa teatrale Italian:, plural: feste teatrali refers to a genre of drama, and of opera in particular.

Figaro Systems, Inc. Filip Albrecht born November 28, is a Czech-German lyricist, manager, producer, film distributor, TV host and writer. Filipino cartoon and animation, also known as Pinoy cartoon and animation, is a body of original cultural and artistic works and styles applied to conventional Filipino storytelling, combined with talent and the appropriate application of classic animation principles, methods, and techniques, which recognizes their relationship with Filipino culture, comics, and films.

Filippo Acciaiuoli — 8 February was an Italian composer, librettist, theater manager, machine designer, and poet. The origins of Finnish opera can be traced to the late 18th or 19th century, when the first opera performances were staged in Finland. Auschwitz c. Flammen Flames is an opera in two acts and ten scenes composed by Erwin Schulhoff, his only opera.

The Florentine Camerata, also known as the Camerata de' Bardi, were a group of humanists, musicians, poets and intellectuals in late Renaissance Florence who gathered under the patronage of Count Giovanni de' Bardi to discuss and guide trends in the arts, especially music and drama. Flower and Hawk is a monodrama for soprano and orchestra with music and libretto composed by Carlisle Floyd. Fool's Paradise is a chamber opera for children in one act composed by Ofer Ben-Amots with a libretto by the composer based on the short story of the same name by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Found and Lost is a one-act opera by Emily Hall, first performed in January , which "straddles the worlds of opera, art installation and promenade theatrical event". Francesco Feo — 28 January was an Italian composer, known chiefly for his operas. Francesco Maria Santinelli was an Italian marquis, count, Marinist poet, librettist, freemason and alchemist.

Francesco Mottino was an Italian opera singer, voice teacher, drama teacher, librettist, and writer. Francesco Palmieri born 31 July in Pisa is an Italian retired footballer. Francesco Rasi 14 May — 30 November was an Italian composer, singer tenor , chitarrone player, and poet.

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Francis Chassaigne also known as Francisque Chassaigne 30 October — 21 December was a Belgian-born French composer of operettas, songs, and numerous pieces of dance music for piano. Frank Lloyd Wright born Frank Lincoln Wright, June 8, — April 9, was an American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than 1, structures, of which were completed.

Franz Kafka 3 July — 3 June was a German-speaking Bohemian Jewish novelist and short story writer, widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature. Franz Xaver Kroetz born 25 February in Munich is a German author, playwright, actor and film director. Frederick A. Thompson, usually credited as Fred Thompson 24 January — 10 April was an English writer, best known as a librettist for about fifty British and American musical comedies in the first half of the 20th century.

Frederick Douglass is a full-length opera written and composed by Dorothy Rudd Moore. Fredrik Pacius born Friedrich Pacius March 19, — January 8, was a German composer and conductor who lived most of his life in Finland. French opera is one of Europe's most important operatic traditions, containing works by composers of the stature of Rameau, Berlioz, Gounod, Bizet, Massenet, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc and Messiaen. Friederike Sophie Seyler or F. Friedrich August Kanne — was a composer and music critic in Vienna.

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Friedrich Christian Bressand c. Fulbourn is a village in Cambridgeshire, England with evidence of settlement dating back to Neolithic times. Funny Girl is a American biographical romantic musical comedy-drama film directed by William Wyler. Futurism was an early 20th-century art movement which encompassed painting, sculpture, poetry, theatre, music, architecture and gastronomy. Gabriella di Vergy is an opera seria in two acts by Gaetano Donizetti written in and revised in , from a libretto by Andrea Leone Tottola, which was based on the tragedy Gabrielle de Vergy by Dormont De Belloy.

Gaetano Martinelli? Gail Godwin born June 18, is an American novelist and short story writer. Galatea, or Pygmalion Re-Versed is a musical burlesque that parodies the Pygmalion legend, and specifically W. Gilbert's play Pygmalion and Galatea. Geist und Seele wird verwirret Spirit and soul become confused ,, is a church cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach. Genji monogatari The Tale of Genji is an opera by the Japanese composer Minoru Miki, with the libretto by Colin Graham, based on the eponymous masterpiece of 11th-century classical Japanese literature by Murasaki Shikibu.

Schubert: Dithyrambe, D.801

Gennaro Astarita also spelled Astaritta c. Georg Christian Lehms — 15 May was a German poet and novelist who sometimes used the pen-name Pallidor. Sir George Alexander G.

Macfarren 2 March October was an English composer and musicologist. George Colman April — 14 August was an English dramatist and essayist, usually called "the Elder", and sometimes "George the First", to distinguish him from his son, George Colman the Younger. George Ion Diamandy or Diamandi, first name also Gheorghe or Georges February 27, — December 27, , was a Romanian politician, dramatist, social scientist, and archeologist.

George E. Blake 17 August in England — 23 February in Philadelphia was an American music engraver and publisher.

George Furth December 14, — August 11, was an American librettist, playwright, and actor. George Haimsohn June 12, — January 17, was an American writer and photographer. George Ames Plimpton March 18, — September 25, was an American journalist, writer, literary editor, actor and occasional amateur sportsman. Georges-Jules-Auguste Cain 16 April , Paris - 4 March , Paris was a French painter, illustrator and writer, who specialized in the history of Paris, its monuments and its theaters.

Georges Gabriel Thenon, pen name and stage name Rip, 28 February — 25 May was a French chansonnier, draughtsman, librettist and revues creator. Gerald Freedman born June 25, is an American theatre director, librettist, and lyricist, and a college dean. Germania is an operatic dramma lirico consisting of a prologue, two acts, an intermezzo and an epilogue by Alberto Franchetti to an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica.

Germanico is a serenata in one act, to a libretto of unknown authorship, which is ascribed to George Frideric Handel on the sole source, a copyist's manuscript in the library of the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini in Florence. Gerolamo Frigimelica Roberti 10 January - 15 November was an Italian architect, librettist, and poet. Gertrude Stein February 3, — July 27, was an American novelist, poet, playwright, and art collector. A Gesamtkunstwerk translated as "total work of art", "ideal work of art", "universal artwork", "synthesis of the arts", "comprehensive artwork", "all-embracing art form" or "total artwork" is a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so.

Gheorghe Asachi surname also spelled Asaki; March 1, — November 12, was a Moldavian, later Romanian prose writer, poet, painter, historian, dramatist and translator. Giacomo Facco 4 February February was an Italian Baroque violinist, conductor and composer. Giacomo Meyerbeer born Jacob Liebmann Beer; 5 September — 2 May was a German opera composer of Jewish birth who has been described as perhaps the most successful stage composer of the nineteenth century.

Gian Francesco Malipiero 18 March — 1 August was an Italian composer, musicologist, music teacher and editor. Gianni di Calais is a melodramma semiserio, a "semi-serious" opera in three acts by Gaetano Donizetti , from a libretto by Domenico Gilardoni, based on Jean de Paris by Louis-Charles Caigniez.

Gianni di Parigi is an melodramma comico opera buffa in two acts with music by Gaetano Donizetti to a libretto by Felice Romani, which had previously been set by Francesco Morlacchi in and by Giovanni Antonio Speranza in Gianni Schicchi is a comic opera in one act by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Giovacchino Forzano, composed in — Giants in the Earth is a Pulitzer Prize-winning opera in three acts and four scenes by composer Douglas Moore. Giasone Jason is an opera in three acts and a prologue with music by Francesco Cavalli and a libretto by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini.

Gilbert and Sullivan refers to the Victorian-era theatrical partnership of the dramatist W. Gilbert — and the composer Arthur Sullivan — and to the works they jointly created. Gioachino Antonio Rossini 29 February — 13 November was an Italian composer who wrote 39 operas as well as some sacred music, songs, chamber music, and piano pieces. Gioas re di Giuda Joas, king of Judah is an Italian-language oratorio libretto by Pietro Metastasio written in for imperial court composer Georg Reutter the younger and later set by at least 25 composers.

Giorgio van Straten born is an Italian writer and manager of arts organizations. Giovacchino Forzano 19 November — 28 October was an Italian playwright, librettist, stage director, and film director. Giovanna d'Arco Joan of Arc is an operatic dramma lirico with a prologue and three acts by Giuseppe Verdi set to an Italian libretto by Temistocle Solera, who had prepared the libretti for Nabucco and I Lombardi. Giovanna Gray is a tragic opera tragedia lirica in three acts composed by Nicola Vaccai.

Giovanni Alberto Ristori - 7 February was an Italian opera composer and conductor. Giovanni Ambrogio Migliavacca — c. Giovanni Battista Casti 29 August — 5 February was an Italian poet, satirist, and author of comic opera librettos. Giovanni Battista Guarini 10 December — 7 October was an Italian poet, dramatist, and diplomat. Giovanni Battista Maccioni floruit — was an Italian composer, librettist, and musician. Giovanni Bertati 10 July — December was an Italian librettist.

Giovanni Bottesini 22 December — 7 July , was an Italian Romantic composer, conductor, and a double bass virtuoso. Giovanni Cifolelli was an Italian mandolin virtuoso and dramatic composer whose date and place of birth are unknown. Giovanni Cosimo Villifranchi or Villafranchi, — was, according to Robert Lamar Weaver, "the most productive and creative Italian comic librettist in the second half of the 17th century. Giovanni Faustini — 19 December was an Italian librettist and opera impresario of the 17th century.

Giovanni Filippo Apolloni — 15 May was an Italian poet and librettist. Giovanni Ruffini , Genoa — was an Italian poet of the early 19th century. Giovanni Carmelo Verga 2 September — 27 January was an Italian realist Verismo writer, best known for his depictions of life in his native Sicily, especially the short story and later play "Cavalleria rusticana" and the novel I Malavoglia The House by the Medlar Tree.

Operas by Franz Schubert

Giulio Cesare Corradi Parma, c. Giuseppe Adami 4 February October was an Italian librettist, playwright and music critic, he was best known for his collaboration with Giacomo Puccini on the operas La rondine , Il tabarro and Turandot Giuseppe Bardari 27 May — 22 September was an Italian lawyer and writer. Giuseppe Giacosa 21 October — 1 September was an Italian poet, playwright and librettist.

Giuseppe Petrosellini 29 November — was an Italian poet and prolific librettist working primarily in the dramma giocoso and opera buffa genres. Glastonbury is a town and civil parish in Somerset, England, situated at a dry point on the low-lying Somerset Levels, south of Bristol. The first Glastonbury Festivals were a series of cultural events held in summer, from to in Glastonbury, Somerset, England. Glen Nelson is an American poet, librettist, publisher, writer, and a ghostwriter of several New York Times nonfiction bestsellers.

Following the success of his libretto for The Marriage of Figaro, Da Ponte was asked by Storace to provide for him a libretto based on Shakespeare. Gloria is a tragic opera in three acts by Francesco Cilea with an Italian libretto by Arturo Colautti. The following is a list of literary terms; that is, those words used in discussion, classification, criticism, and analysis of poetry, novels, and picture books.

Glyn Maxwell born is a British poet, playwright, librettist, and lecturer. The Glyndebourne Label is a UK-based record label founded in to release live recordings of Glyndebourne Festival Opera performances. Gordon Kerry born is an Australian composer, music administrator, music writer and music critic. Johann Sebastian Bach composed the church cantata Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild God the Lord is sun and shield ,, in Leipzig in , his third year as Thomaskantor, for Reformation Day and led the first performance on 31 October Gottfried von Einem 24 January — 12 July was an Austrian composer.

Die Zwillingsbrüder

Goyescas is an opera in one act and three tableaux, written in by the Spanish composer Enrique Granados. Grace Moore December 5, January 26, was an American operatic soprano and actress in musical theatre and film. Graf Cagliostro 'Count Cagliostro' is a comic opera in two acts by Mikael Tariverdiev, written in to a libretto by Nikolai Kemarsky, after the tale of the same name by Alexei Nikolayevich Tolstoy. Granville is a commune in the Manche department and region of Normandy in north-western France.

Greek mythology is the body of myths and teachings that belong to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices. With the rediscovery of classical antiquity in the Renaissance, the poetry of Ovid became a major influence on the imagination of poets and artists, and remained a fundamental influence on the diffusion and perception of Greek mythology through subsequent centuries.

The legend of the green children of Woolpit concerns two children of unusual skin colour who reportedly appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England, some time in the 12th century, perhaps during the reign of King Stephen. The Grimani family were a prominent Venetian patrician family, including three Doges of Venice. Grimeborn is an annual East London musical theatre and opera festival which coincides with the world famous East Sussex Glyndebourne Opera Festival. Griselda is an opera dramma per musica in three acts composed by Antonio Maria Bononcini. Griselda is a dramma per musica in three acts that was composed by Giovanni Bononcini.

Griselda is a dramma per musica in three acts that was composed by Antonio Vivaldi. Guerilla Opera is an opera company in Boston, Massachusetts founded in specializing in accessible contemporary chamber operas, several of which have been commissioned by the company. Gustav Kastropp 30 August — 11 September was a German poet, librettist and musician.

Gustav Mahler 7 July — 18 May was an Austro-Bohemian late-Romantic composer, and one of the leading conductors of his generation. Gustave Charpentier 25 June — 18 February was a French composer, best known for his opera Louise. Gypsy is a musical comedy-drama film produced and directed by Mervyn LeRoy. Gypsy is a American made-for-television musical comedy-drama film directed by Emile Ardolino. Habanera music or dance of Havana is the popular name for "" "Love is a rebellious bird" , an aria from Georges Bizet's opera Carmen.

Hal Duncan born 21 October , real name Alasdair is a Scottish science fiction and fantasy writer. Hamlet is an opera in two acts by Australian composer Brett Dean, with an English libretto by Matthew Jocelyn, which is based on William Shakespeare's play of the same name. Hans Neuenfels born 31 May , Krefeld is a German writer, poet, film producer, librettist, theatre director and opera director.

Hansel and Gretel German is an opera by nineteenth-century composer Engelbert Humperdinck, who described it as a fairy-tale opera. Harold, or the Norman Conquest is an opera in four acts with music by the British composer Frederic H. Caumont, and first performed at Covent Garden, London on 8 June Harold Richard Atteridge July 9, — January 15, was a composer, librettist and lyricist primarily for musicals and revues. Harriet, the Woman Called Moses is an opera in two acts composed by Thea Musgrave who also wrote the libretto which is loosely based on episodes in the life of the American abolitionist and former slave Harriet Tubman.

Harry Lawrence Freeman October 9, — March 24, was a United States opera composer, conductor, impresario and teacher. Harvey Lawrence Pekar October 8, — July 12, was an American underground comic book writer, music critic, and media personality, best known for his autobiographical American Splendor comic series. Heart of Darkness is a chamber opera in one act by Tarik O'Regan, with an English-language libretto by artist Tom Phillips, based on the novella of the same name by Joseph Conrad.

Heather McDonald is an American playwright, director, librettist, and professor. Heber Gonzalez Bartolome born November 4, is a Filipino folk and rock singer, songwriter, composer, poet, guitarist, bandurria player, bluesman, and painter. Berlioz made significant contributions to the modern orchestra with his Treatise on Instrumentation. He specified huge orchestral forces for some of his works, and conducted several concerts with more than 1, musicians. He also composed around 50 compositions for voice, accompanied by piano or orchestra. Help, Help, the Globolinks!

Henri Marie Gabriel Blondeau 5 August — 4 May was a French playwright, librettist and chansonnier, famous for his song Frou-frou. Henri Chivot 13 November — 18 September was a French writer and playwright, mostly known as an operettas librettist. Henri Duponchel 28 July — 8 April was in turn a French architect, interior designer, costume designer, stage designer, stage director, managing director of the Paris Opera, and a silversmith. Henri Dutilleux 22 January — 22 May was a French composer active mainly in the second half of the 20th century. Henri Meilhac 23 February — 6 July was a French dramatist and opera librettist.

Henri-Louis Blanchard 7 February — 18 December was a French playwright, composer, violinist and music critic. Claude-Nicolas-Henry Boisseaux 14 October — 20 November was a 19th-century French playwright and opera librettist. Henry Fothergill Chorley 15 December — 16 February was an English literary, art and music critic, writer and editor. Henry Anatole Grunwald December 3, — February 26, was an Austrian-born American journalist and diplomat perhaps best known for his position as managing editor of TIME magazine and editor in chief of Time, Inc.

Henry Purcell or; c. No record of baptism has been found. Parts London, The day 10 September is based on vague inscriptions in the manuscript GB-Cfm It may also be relevant that he was appointed to his first salaried post on 10 September , which would have been his eighteenth birthday. Herbert Fields July 26, March 24, was an American librettist and screenwriter.

Herschel Garfein born January 17, is an American composer, librettist, stage director, and faculty member of the Steinhardt School of Music at New York University, where he teaches Script Analysis. Back and forth is an operatic 'sketch' Op. Hindi theatre primarily refers to theatre performed in the Hindi language, including dialects such as Khari boli and Hindustani.

Bis, was an early 19th-century French playwright and librettist. Music publishing is the business of creating, producing and distributing printed musical scores, parts, and books in various types of music notation, while ensuring that the composer, songwriter and other creators receive credit and royalties or other payment where applicable. Kunzen and a Danish libretto by Jens Baggesen.

Howard Dietz September 8, — July 30, was an American publicist, lyricist, and librettist. Howard Lindsay, born Herman Nelke, March 29, — February 11, was an American theatrical producer, playwright, librettist, director and actor. Hugh Callingham Wheeler 19 March — 26 July was a British screenwriter, librettist, poet, and translator. Hugo Maurice Julien Claus 5 April — 19 March was a leading Belgian author who published under his own name as well as various pseudonyms.

Hugo Laurenz August Hofmann von Hofmannsthal 1 February — 15 July was an Austrian prodigy, a novelist, librettist, poet, dramatist, narrator, and essayist. Hugo David Weisgall October 13, — March 11, was an American composer and conductor, known chiefly for his opera and vocal music compositions. Hunter Foster born June 25, is an American musical theatre director, actor, singer, librettist and playwright. Hyacinthe Jadin April 27, — September 27, was a French composer who came from a musical family.

I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata The Lombards on the First Crusade is an operatic dramma lirico in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Temistocle Solera, based on an epic poem by Tommaso Grossi, which was "very much a child of its age; a grand historical novel with a patriotic slant". I riti d'Efeso is a dramma eroico per musica or opera in 2 acts and 26 scenes by composer Giuseppe Farinelli. Iain Bell born is an English composer whose output is predominantly of vocal works, namely opera, art song or orchestral song.

Iain Hollingshead born 31 October is a British freelance journalist and novelist. Ignazio Prota 15 September — January was an Italian composer and music educator. Ihr werdet weinen und heulen You shall weep and wail ,, is a cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach, a church cantata for the third Sunday after Easter, called Jubilate Jubilate Sunday.

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The mayor of Saardam is an melodramma giocoso opera buffa in two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Il campanello or Il campanello di notte The Night Bell is a melodramma giocoso, or opera, in one act by Gaetano Donizetti. Il castello di Kenilworth or, under its original name in , Elisabetta al castello di Kenilworth Ashbrook and Hibberd , p. Il Cid della Spagna is a dramma per musica or opera in 2 acts by composer Giuseppe Farinelli. Il curioso indiscreto "The Imprudent Curious Man" , is an opera dramma giocoso in three acts composed by Pasquale Anfossi. Il diluvio universale The great flood is an azione tragico-sacra, or opera, by Gaetano Donizetti.

Il filosofo di campagna The Country Philosopher is a dramma giocoso per musica in 3 acts by composer Baldassare Galuppi. Il maestro di cappella is an operatic intermezzo in one act by Domenico Cimarosa. The World on the Moon , Hob. Il mondo della luna The World of the Moon is an opera dramma giocoso in 3 acts by Baldassare Galuppi. D , Opera "?


When a student of Salieri Schubert set several excerpts of Italian libretti by Metastasio. D , Oratorio Lazarus, oder: Die Feier der Auferstehung for three sopranos, two tenors, bass, mixed choir and orchestra , in three acts; unfinished — Act I: twenty-one numbers, and eight numbers from Act II are extant. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Franz Schubert Stage works. Main article: Rosamunde. Main article: Die Freunde von Salamanka. Main article: Sakuntala opera. Main article: Alfonso und Estrella. Main article: Die Verschworenen. Main article: Fierrabras opera.

Main article: Der Graf von Gleichen. Main article: Lazarus Schubert. Franz Schubert. Categories : Stage works by Franz Schubert. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. VIII, 2 No. Entra l'uomo allor che nasce. Te solo adoro.

Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score
Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score
Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score
Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score
Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score
Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score
Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score
Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score Friedrichs Arie from Die Zwillingsbrüder D647 - Score

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